How to Pin on a Boutonnière

Fortunately, pinning on a boutonnière is much easier than spelling boutonnière!  Which is I suppose why so many people just shorten it to 'bout'.

Recently Rica from Love Blooms Wedding and Event Design showed me just how easy it is to pin on a boutonnière.

I took lots of photos and a video to share her skills with you, but since 'someone' (ahem) held her finger over the camera microphone while shooting, 'someone' needs to add captioning to the video.  For now, you can check out the helpful photos!

That's it!  Use two pins one at a time, and go through the back of the lapel into the flower stem and back through the lapel. 



Where to put the bar?

 Yes, you   can   get married at a church   and   have alcohol!

Yes, you can get married at a church and have alcohol!

Are you trying to figure out where to put your bar at Events on 6th?  There are many options, so you'll be able to put it right where it's best for you and your party.

Most couples put the bar in the lounge, but even there, there are several options.  The smallest groups or parties with only a few drink choices can use the kitchenette, which has a cute Dutch door.  Medium-sized parties, or parties serving just a few drinks can get away with a one-table bar over by the garden or by the Fife Street entry.  The largest groups, with the most drink options should have a two-table bar, and that goes well by the garden, under the mirror.  Check out the photos!

The bar also works well in the garden courtyard, perfect during the warmer months.

If you have a smaller party and can fit the bar in the reception hall, there are a couple of options there as well, either by the kitchen or by the garden.

I hope that helps you decide where to put your bar at Events on 6th! 

Some things to think about are how many guests you are having and the number of drinks you'll be serving.  It also helps to know if you are planning plastic cups or real glassware.  Talk to your caterer/bartender about what they will need so we can have the proper number of tables and space for them! 

You can also decide if you want to rent a bar, rent a table bar add-on piece which basically adds a tall shelf to a regular table, or if you want table risers to make the table taller.  If you're having kegs, you'll need space for those, and don't forget ice!  You'll need ice for the kegs, ice in coolers/buckets for sodas and water, and ice in a container for putting into drinks.  Talk to your bartender about who will provide those items.  Don't forget: Events on 6th does not have an icemaker or freezer. 

Lastly, don't forget the linens, bottle openers, and wine keys! 

Working through all these decisions means your bar will be in the perfect place for you and your guests, and the flow of your party will be spot on.

Friday! Friday! Friday!

 Celebrate!  Friday weddings are here!  Photo by Lloyd Photographers

Celebrate!  Friday weddings are here!  Photo by Lloyd Photographers

Hooray!  A new wedding day package is now available at Events on 6th: FRIDAY!

Yes, you can now get married on a Friday night at Events on 6th!  Packages begin at 8 hours, starting at 1pm or later, and can go until midnight.  Additional hours can be purchased.

Get married in the early evening, party for awhile, and then head out for a fantastic after party, or stay late at Events on 6th.  Your choice!

See information in the Wedding Packages section on the website, or call/email for details.

Winter Building Updates

Every February and March at Events on 6th is spring cleaning and building update time.  Exciting, right!?  The owner and I walk through the building and talk about any maintenance issues, decide which big updates to do, and then we get to work!

Last year we took down the balcony stained glass and had that repaired and renovated, and it still looks amazing.  This year we did some painting throughout the building, updated the counter tops in the ladies' bathroom, installed some more hooks in the reception hall ceiling, and more!  Peruse the photo gallery to see all the new changes!

We love making the building look amazing for you!

How Many Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Should You Have?

Recently a bride asked me if seven attendants would work at Events on 6th.  Of course, you can have as many bridesmaids and groomsmen as you'd like, but I'm sure what she meant was, "Will seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen plus the pastor and us fit on the stage?"  Well, I looked through some recent wedding photos to see how couples have arranged their wedding party, and here are quite a few options!

There are so many great ideas!  Whether you're having a couple of your best friends, a few of your siblings, or a large, happy group, you'll figure out the best way to arrange them on stage.  They can be on the stage, on the floor below the stage, and up on the back stage steps.  They can match the angle of the stage, angle the other way, or stand in a straight line.  Fortunately, at Events on 6th, you get a two-hour rehearsal, so there is plenty of time to figure out your favorite look.

How many attendants are you planning?  I'm sure they will look great at Events on 6th.

All the Light You Cannot See

If it's a beautiful sunny Pacific Northwest day, you can get all sorts of beautiful outdoor wedding photos!  Recently on the blog, I've highlighted a few nearby parks and shown off the beautiful shots just outside Events on 6th...but what if you want to stay inside?  What if it's raining?

Fortunately, Events on 6th has many windows, which means there's tons of natural daylight for those fantastic photos.  You and your photographer will love it! 

Take a look at these photos in the chapel, balcony, and entry area:

The courtyard in the middle of the building is great to use on sunny, warm days, but even if you can't go outside, all those windows allow the light to flood in!  I love how these photographers used the spaces around the courtyard for great photos!

There's great light in other areas of the building as well.  From the dressing rooms to the reception hall, natural light abounds.

Beautiful!  Events on 6th is a beautiful building for fantastic photos, rain or shine.  And if it's still the darkest day...there's always the fireplace.

Photo by Jessie Hart Photography

Just Outside the Front Door

Outdoor wedding photos are so wonderful!  The light and location can make your portraits simply gorgeous, while capturing the background features of your special day.

At Events on 6th, while there are several nearby parks fantastic for photos, you need not step beyond the front door to get those pretty pictures. 

Just take a look at these great outdoor photos, right outside Events on 6th.

The Front Steps are great for a stunning portrait, large groups, and that fantastic dip and kiss:

The Alcove is also great for portraits and groups:

Of course, just in front of the building, either side, makes a great outdoor photo location!

Lastly, don't forget the classic shot beside the reader board.  So fun!

While you can head off to a park for beautiful outdoor wedding day photos, at Events on 6th those great photos are just a step away.  What a beautiful building!

Great Outdoor Photos

You're sure to get beautiful wedding day photos at Events on 6th; the building is amazing, and there is ample natural light.  We in Western Washington all know how unpredictable the weather can be, so choosing a beautiful indoor venue is a safe option.  But what about those lovely outdoor photos you're craving?  Fortunately, here in Tacoma, you have several great options, each with its own distinct look and feel.

Some great options for outdoor photos near Events on 6th. 
Photos by (clockwise from TL): Jessica Uhler Photography, Van Whye Photography, Lavender Bouquet Photography, See Yourself Photography

Nearby parks include North Tacoma's Point Defiance Park with its pond, rose garden, rhododendron garden and old-growth forest, and Downtown Tacoma's Wright Park with its pond, sculptures, manicured flowers and shrubs, and beautiful conservatory filled with exotic plants.

Point Defiance:

Wright Park:

If you're looking for a more urban feel, head to Downtown Tacoma, with its cool and interesting buildings, or just walk around the neighborhood of Events on 6th.  There are so many options!

Downtown Tacoma:

The Events on 6th Neighborhood:

So don't worry about the weather; if it's rainy, you'll have beautiful photos inside, but if it's sunny...oh, if it's sunny, you can get such beautiful outdoor photos!

Which park or downtown look is your favorite?

Tarah & Logan: A beautiful spring wedding full of fun and games

What a beautiful and thoughtful wedding day!  Tarah and Logan married June 12th, 2016, and the day was full of special details and memorable moments.  I love how they really thought about who they are as a couple and also how their guests would want to celebrate.

See all the great photos and read the fun details on the blog!

Tarah used Etsy for many of the beautiful details, but most of the decorations were designed and created by her and her mom.  Don't you love the paper chandeliers and colorful 'spot' backdrops? Her parents made three giant wood games: Jenga, Connect 4, and Ker Plunk, and the couple put out a variety of table games for guests to play.  Tarah said, "We know most of our friends aren't the dancing type, and neither are we, so we just wanted people to relax, eat, drink, and play!"

It was a really lovely day!

What a great idea!  Games at the wedding reception!

That Mid-Century Modern Look

Couples marrying at Events on 6th can choose from so many styles to use as a theme for decorating, but one that makes a lot of sense is mid-century modern.  The lounge definitely has that look and feel, with the low-slung white leather couches, the cozy fire, and rich, brown cement floor.  Can't you just imagine your guests mingling here, drinks in hand, perfect music in the background?

The great mid-century modern lounge at Events on 6th

Of course, you can search Pinterest for ideas, but Mandy Brown of New Creations Wedding Design and Coordination has already done the work for you.  She recently moved to Tacoma and found so many beautiful wedding venues, she wrote a post for showcasing her favorites. 

Events on 6th is featured, with Mandy noting that it's perfect for couples who want to spend their whole wedding day in one location, but still want to marry in a church.  Of course, Events on 6th has a beautiful chapel for your ceremony, the cozy lounge for a social hour, the fun reception hall for your party, and the perfect dressing rooms for your wedding party.

Mandy even created a design theme, riffing off that mid-century modern lounge, and perfect for a great wedding and celebration at Events on 6th.  She calls it "Mid-Mod" and check out how fun it is!

Yes, Events on 6th is a great Tacoma venue!  Come check it out and consider this fun mid-century modern look for your decorating theme.

A Warm Winter Wedding

Melody and Andrew were married in a lovely ceremony at Events on 6th on Saturday, December 19th, 2015.  Read their story and see their beautiful photos over on the Real Weddings page!

The weather was good enough they could get some beautiful photos at Point Defiance Park; of course, the weather inside Events on 6th was great too! 

Guest Post - Final Plans for Ben & Kimmy's New Year's Eve Bash

What a wonderful idea: a New Year's Eve wedding! 

Several months ago, Ben wrote about his proposal to the 'love of his life' Kimmy, and how they decided on a New Year's Eve wedding at Events on 6th.

Here is Ben's update on how all the plans are going!

We are on a 30 day count down to the wedding and things are shaping up.  We have finalized our catering with Gallucci’s catering.  Their staff have been amazingly flexible and have accommodated all of our wishes and changes. 
Flowers, drinks, wedding attire, hotel rooms, and seating arrangements have also been finalized in the last week.  We are excited that many of our guests will be joining us at Hotel Murano after the wedding is over. 
We only have small stuff left on our “to-do list.”  Our wedding is on New Year’s Eve and the party will go into New Year's Day, so we are trying to plan fun New Year's Eve- themed activities to help ring in the New Year in the most epic way possible. 
We have gathered more decorations and party favors than we know what to do with so we are now stepping back to determine what we are really going to use and where it is going to go. 
Overall, we have 90% of the work complete and are just counting down the days until the big day.

Stay tuned for Ben's report after the big day.   

We wish him and Kimmy a beautiful, memorable, fantastic wedding!

Making the Building Prettier

As I spend more time in the building, I'm finding things that could use a little extra dose of pretty.  Here are my latest updates!

The new lights really sparkle!

Check out these new light fixtures down the bridal hallway!  The light is so much more sparkly and bright!  They look similar in style to the chandeliers in the bride's room, so I think they are perfect.  Since putting these up, I've bought more for the hallway leading to the reception hall, and they will be up soon as well.

So pretty!

Also new are the sheer curtains in the Lounge, at the Fife Street Entry.  I put these up on wedding days to make the room a little more intimate.

I love them!

I love how well they match the floors and the woodwork, and that they still let in some light.

So beautiful!

Both the lights and the curtains really help make the building even more beautiful for your wedding day.  Enjoy!

Real Weddings Feature Up on the Website

Aren't all those wedding magazines wonderful?  So many great wedding photos and romantic stories from so many different couples!  Each wedding is so different and personal; what fun to read about their ideas and see their various styles shine.  What a great way to get ideas for your own wedding!

Now you can get ideas from past weddings at Events on 6th!  There are two beautiful stories now up in the Real Weddings section, each with lovely photos and helpful descriptions.  See how Stacey and Jim integrated their first date into their wedding day, and how Jennifer and Jake sent Events on 6th back to the Great Gatsby era.  Each so different and so wonderful!

There are more stories and photos to come, so check back for more great ideas for your wedding.  See how Events on 6th is the perfect backdrop for your entire wedding day.

Jennifer & Jake

Stacey & Jim

Top Ten #1

Finally!  The countdown of the Top Ten most beautiful photos taken at Events on 6th has reached number One! 

 So in love!

So in love!

This romantic photo was taken by Jessica Uhler.  I love the black and white.  I love their arms around each other.  I love the blurry party lights.  I love the way you can't really see their faces, but you can totally tell they are just beaming at each other.  I love the rest of their wedding pictures.  I love their engagement story.  I love this photo!

Wow!  What a fun look at some wonderful photos of beautiful weddings at Events on 6th.  I love that every couple brings their own style into their day of celebration, and that each photographer captures so many fantastic moments.  Which photo is your favorite?  It was really hard to choose my top ten!

Events on 6th is a beautiful location for your entire wedding day.   It is truly a perfect backdrop for your marriage vows and happy celebration.  Call for a personal tour today!  Lesley: 253-906-0448

Top Ten #2

Many of the great photos taken at Events on 6th are of the building or of a wedding, but this next one in our countdown was taken at a designer's styled photoshoot.  Vendors get together and work to best represent themselves so that you can get a great idea of what services they provide.  That's kind of a boring technical description for what they really do, which is create magic!

This beautiful shot was captured by Liz Morrow at Liz Morrow Studios and styled by Karrie Anne Holland of Sparks Fly Events & Design.  You can read more about the shoot and see more great photos at their sites: Sparks Fly & Liz Morrow.

 Styled shoots show off so many talented vendors!

Styled shoots show off so many talented vendors!

I love the skirt that goes on and on.  I love the leather couches.  I love that the dress and couches are the same color.  I love her flowers.  I love that the dress has long sleeves!  I love that her lipstick matches the red flowers.  I love this shot.

There is only one photo left in my Top Ten Photos taken at Events on 6th.  What will it be?  Find out next week!

Top Ten #3

We are down to #3 in my favorite photos taken at Events on 6th.  It has been so fun to go through these fantastic photos and pick my favorites.  What's even more fun is that since I've chosen, there have been more weddings and more great photos! 

Getting married at Events on 6th is a lot of fun!  With everything all in one building, you can relax and enjoy your day.  Just look at this happy couple:

 A Happy Couple Bursts out of the 6th Avenue Front Doors.  Photo by Michael R Norton.

A Happy Couple Bursts out of the 6th Avenue Front Doors.  Photo by Michael R Norton.

What fun!  I love the bride's face.  I love the bubbles.  I love that the groom is celebrating.  I love how her dress ruffles up into the air.  What a great end to a wonderful day, and a great start to their marriage.


Stay tuned for the final two of my favorite photos!  See you next week!

Top Ten #4

There are so many great spaces at Events on 6th!  Not only is there a chapel and reception hall all in the same building, but you also get to use the cozy lounge and outdoor garden courtyard!  There are even proper dressing rooms for both the bride and groom.  Decorated perfectly, you'll be able to get ready and relax before your vows in peace and comfort.  They both also have natural light for some great photographs.

 A beautiful bride relaxes before her walk down the aisle.

A beautiful bride relaxes before her walk down the aisle.

For instance, a beautiful photo like this one, taken by Ike and Tash Photography.  How gorgeous is this?  It's Number 4 in the countdown of the Top Ten photos taken at Events on 6th.  I love the black and white.  I love the light coming through the windows.  I love the way her veil is illuminated.  I love this shot!

Stay tuned each week as we count down to the Number 1 most beautiful shot taken at Events on 6th.  Feel free to peruse all the photos on this site and on our Facebook page to make sure I've gotten the list right!  Maybe your top ten favorites are different! 

Top Ten #5

Events on 6th is located on 6th Avenue in Tacoma, Washington, in a beautiful old church building.  It was renovated in 2010/2011 to make it perfect for weddings.  When you drive up, you'll see all the beautiful stone and wonderful stained glass; it has such a great, permanent feel to it!  This building will be here for your 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries!  What a beautiful backdrop and statement to start out your new life with!

 What a statement! Beautiful!

What a statement! Beautiful!

This gorgeous shot and number five in our countdown of great photos at Events on 6th was captured by Camille Lenee Photography.  I love the rays of sunlight.  I love the black and white.  I love the stone and the window. 

What a beautiful building!

Come back each week as we work towards the number one most beautiful photo here at Events on 6th!

Top Ten #6

Wow, we're down to #6 in our countdown of the Top Ten photos taken at Events on 6th.  Of course, these are my choices; perhaps you like some others on our site better!  Later in the year will be a contest where you get to choose your favorites, so stay tuned for that. 

Here is #6, a beautiful shot in our chapel.

 A life-changing moment in the chapel. 

A life-changing moment in the chapel. 

This beautiful moment was captured by Vannessa at Vannessa Kralovic Photography.  What a lovely afternoon glow!

I love the light coming through the balcony window.  I love the balance of the candlelight in the foreground.  I love that you can see the guests.  I love the bride's long veil.

The chapel is a beautiful place for your wedding vows; grand with the high ceilings and wonderful stained glass, but still intimate and cozy. 

Come back each week to see the next wonderful photo in our countdown!