That Mid-Century Modern Look

Couples marrying at Events on 6th can choose from so many styles to use as a theme for decorating, but one that makes a lot of sense is mid-century modern.  The lounge definitely has that look and feel, with the low-slung white leather couches, the cozy fire, and rich, brown cement floor.  Can't you just imagine your guests mingling here, drinks in hand, perfect music in the background?

The great mid-century modern lounge at Events on 6th

Of course, you can search Pinterest for ideas, but Mandy Brown of New Creations Wedding Design and Coordination has already done the work for you.  She recently moved to Tacoma and found so many beautiful wedding venues, she wrote a post for showcasing her favorites. 

Events on 6th is featured, with Mandy noting that it's perfect for couples who want to spend their whole wedding day in one location, but still want to marry in a church.  Of course, Events on 6th has a beautiful chapel for your ceremony, the cozy lounge for a social hour, the fun reception hall for your party, and the perfect dressing rooms for your wedding party.

Mandy even created a design theme, riffing off that mid-century modern lounge, and perfect for a great wedding and celebration at Events on 6th.  She calls it "Mid-Mod" and check out how fun it is!

Yes, Events on 6th is a great Tacoma venue!  Come check it out and consider this fun mid-century modern look for your decorating theme.