Making the Building Prettier

As I spend more time in the building, I'm finding things that could use a little extra dose of pretty.  Here are my latest updates!

The new lights really sparkle!

Check out these new light fixtures down the bridal hallway!  The light is so much more sparkly and bright!  They look similar in style to the chandeliers in the bride's room, so I think they are perfect.  Since putting these up, I've bought more for the hallway leading to the reception hall, and they will be up soon as well.

So pretty!

Also new are the sheer curtains in the Lounge, at the Fife Street Entry.  I put these up on wedding days to make the room a little more intimate.

I love them!

I love how well they match the floors and the woodwork, and that they still let in some light.

So beautiful!

Both the lights and the curtains really help make the building even more beautiful for your wedding day.  Enjoy!