Yes! Friday is a Great Day for a Wedding!

Think Saturday is the best day for a wedding? Think again! -Photo by Kelly Ann Photography

Many couples automatically think Saturday for their wedding day, but there are reasons to consider Friday.

1. Extra honeymoon day!

If you’re planning on a week-long vacation, a Friday wedding gives you an extra weekend day of honeymoon. You can either head off right away and extend your vacation in your favorite honeymoon spot, or save a day or two on either end of your trip to relax at home and enjoy the memories of your wedding day.

Extra honeymoon time. Need we say more? -Photo by Marcela Pulido

2. Extra family time!

Any out of town guests and family can spend some extra time together the rest of the weekend, and if you want, you can join them! You can turn it into a family reunion with a Saturday of fun places to go and a Sunday brunch before everyone flies back home. Show off the great PNW to your family and friends, or let them have a little vacation time on their own.

3. Save some cash!

Events on 6th is $500 cheaper on a Friday. I’m sure you can figure out what to do with that extra money. Like food. Or cake. :)

Save money on your venue and spring for an awesome cake! -Photo by Marcela Pulido

4. Snag some popular vendors!

This might not work for your favorite photographer, as they may save a whole weekend per wedding, but your dream caterer or DJ may have more availability on a Friday.

5. Banks are open on Saturday!

So you’ve gotten a nice box of cards with checks and you’re about to go on your honeymoon, but cash is sparse because you just tipped all your vendors. If you wed on Friday, you can hit the bank on Saturday before you head off! Win!

Being able to cash all those checks right away is a reason to party on Friday!
-Photo by Lavender Bouquet Photography

6. At Events on 6th, Fridays are more flexible.

You can choose your length; anywhere from 6 hours to 10 hours or more for the day of your wedding. Ten hours of time is a great length and gives you plenty of time to decorate, get ready, take all the photos, get married, and celebrate!

Smaller groups or parties with no alcohol may do well with fewer hours. Or maybe you know you’re getting completely ready at a hotel and will do first look photos at a park before coming to the venue. Or perhaps you aren’t big dancers and just want a relaxing evening catching up with out-of-town guests. You just won’t need as much time. You can also have a shorter day and then head out with your closest friends to an after-party at a local bar.

Fridays are flexible! Want to customize? I’m happy to chat with you about your dream wedding day!

Games are a fun way to celebrate with family and friends! -Photo by See Yourself Photography

“If you are looking for a beautiful church Events on 6th is the perfect place to have your wedding! My favorite part was the whole wedding took place in ONE place! It was convenient for everyone! The venue doesn’t need much; it’s so beautiful on its own!

Lesley is amazing she goes above and beyond! She will do her best to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams at her venue! I am so glad we chose to work with Lesley; everything turned out perfect for our big day!! And the venue is just beautiful and perfect!”

— Brielle & Reilley • August 2018 (Friday)

Find out more about Events on 6th by perusing some photos, or check out the video on the main page. Enjoy!