All the Light You Cannot See

If it's a beautiful sunny Pacific Northwest day, you can get all sorts of beautiful outdoor wedding photos!  Recently on the blog, I've highlighted a few nearby parks and shown off the beautiful shots just outside Events on 6th...but what if you want to stay inside?  What if it's raining?

Fortunately, Events on 6th has many windows, which means there's tons of natural daylight for those fantastic photos.  You and your photographer will love it! 

Take a look at these photos in the chapel, balcony, and entry area:

The courtyard in the middle of the building is great to use on sunny, warm days, but even if you can't go outside, all those windows allow the light to flood in!  I love how these photographers used the spaces around the courtyard for great photos!

There's great light in other areas of the building as well.  From the dressing rooms to the reception hall, natural light abounds.

Beautiful!  Events on 6th is a beautiful building for fantastic photos, rain or shine.  And if it's still the darkest day...there's always the fireplace.

Photo by Jessie Hart Photography