Just Outside the Front Door

Outdoor wedding photos are so wonderful!  The light and location can make your portraits simply gorgeous, while capturing the background features of your special day.

At Events on 6th, while there are several nearby parks fantastic for photos, you need not step beyond the front door to get those pretty pictures. 

Just take a look at these great outdoor photos, right outside Events on 6th.

The Front Steps are great for a stunning portrait, large groups, and that fantastic dip and kiss:

The Alcove is also great for portraits and groups:

Of course, just in front of the building, either side, makes a great outdoor photo location!

Lastly, don't forget the classic shot beside the reader board.  So fun!

While you can head off to a park for beautiful outdoor wedding day photos, at Events on 6th those great photos are just a step away.  What a beautiful building!