Tarah & Logan: A beautiful spring wedding full of fun and games

What a beautiful and thoughtful wedding day!  Tarah and Logan married June 12th, 2016, and the day was full of special details and memorable moments.  I love how they really thought about who they are as a couple and also how their guests would want to celebrate.

See all the great photos and read the fun details on the blog!

Tarah used Etsy for many of the beautiful details, but most of the decorations were designed and created by her and her mom.  Don't you love the paper chandeliers and colorful 'spot' backdrops? Her parents made three giant wood games: Jenga, Connect 4, and Ker Plunk, and the couple put out a variety of table games for guests to play.  Tarah said, "We know most of our friends aren't the dancing type, and neither are we, so we just wanted people to relax, eat, drink, and play!"

It was a really lovely day!

What a great idea!  Games at the wedding reception!