A Fantastic Florist - Meet Katrina from Love Blooms

Katrina from Love Blooms creates amazing floral for your wedding!  Photo by Rebecca Anne Photography (This pic is not at Events on 6th)

Katrina from Love Blooms creates amazing floral for your wedding! Photo by Rebecca Anne Photography (This pic is not at Events on 6th)

Welcome to this continuing series where you get to meet many wonderful vendors who will help you enjoy the entire experience of getting married! Planning a wedding can be pretty overwhelming, so finding ways to stay sane is pretty important, right?

One great way is to choose vendors from your venue’s preferred or suggested vendor list. Here at Events on 6th, I get to see so many vendors in action; why not choose someone I know will do a great job for you? Reduce your choices, reduce the overwhelm, and have a wonderful wedding!

How stunning is this!?  Photo by Rebecca Jane Photography (This pic is not at Events on 6th)

How stunning is this!? Photo by Rebecca Jane Photography (This pic is not at Events on 6th)

Today, I’m sharing my interview with Katrina, owner and superwoman of Love Blooms. Katrina offers the convenience of many vendors within one company; she can virtually do it all! You can choose to hire her for everything or just one thing; whatever works best for you!

While she does offer event design, coordination and planning, chalkboard art and décor rentals, and set up and tear down, today I’m focusing on her custom floral work. If you want amazing flowers, check out Katrina at Love Blooms!

Lesley: How do you view a couple’s wedding day?
Katrina: My couple’s wedding day is so important, so I take every action to make them know it’s important to me as well. I want them to look back and think nothing but good thoughts about their wedding and have nothing but great memories.

What do you enjoy about your work?
I get to design and make flower art every day. What’s not to enjoy about that?!

What a gorgeous wedding! Don’t you love how all the flowers and colors work with the couple’s southwest theme?
Photos by Kelli Hodges Photography. Floral by Love Blooms.


Lesley: How does the process work...what happens when a couple decides to meet you?
Katrina: We sit down (typically at a coffee shop) and chat about their vision. I then create a quote for them to review. The cool thing is if they decide to book with Love Blooms they can change anything on that quote up to 3 weeks before their wedding so they have time to make sure it is exactly what they want.

How do you work with them to get their floral vision to reality?
I sit with my clients and listen to their wants. Most have pictures of flower arrangements they like so I help design that desired look taking into consideration their budget and availability of flowers. I also have a ton of fun rentals so I can complete the look right down to the table number!

What’s your creative process?
Pinterest has become my go to. It allows me to get into the mind of my clients. I love figuring out what they want and how I can make it happen for them while being in budget. It’s part of my problem-solving mindset!

A beautiful summer wedding! Photos by Kelli Hodges Photography. Floral by Love Blooms.


Lesley: How did you start doing floral?
Katrina: I had a client I was coordinating for who asked me to help do her floral. She didn’t have any money in her budget for a florist and asked me to do her a favor. I had no idea what I was doing and stumbled every single second of putting her flowers together but I had a blast doing it. Everything turned out beautifully and she was so happy.

What is your proudest floral moment?
My first large wedding setup with a seating area, full floral ceremony setup and a gorgeous reception site transformation. I couldn’t help but stand back and say “I did this, this is my work” as I looked at the venue in awe.

What’s your favorite style?
I love organic arrangements. Lots of greenery and texture!

An elegant wedding with green and white! Photos by Randy DeMoss. Floral by Love Blooms.


Lesley: What do you love about doing floral at Events on 6th?
Katrina: I love that no matter the weather it won’t affect the aesthetics of the wedding. It is already so beautiful, so the flowers and décor just enhance the beauty.

What is your favorite floral you’ve designed at Events on 6th?
I love that Events on 6th has the ability to do hanging installations as not all venues do. We did hanging greenery wreaths in the reception hall for a New Year’s Eve wedding, and they looked incredible.

Amazing hanging floral wreaths! Photo by Lesley at Events on 6th (sorry, wish I had a better one!!) Floral by Love Blooms.


Lesley: What other things make you unique among florists?
Katrina: I am different from other florists because of my all inclusive options. We can coordinate your wedding, provide floral, or just décor rentals. We offer the ability for clients to pick up the flowers at our studio anytime, or we can setup and deliver everything on the order. Also, we do not have a minimum so we can accommodate any order for our clients. Big or small!

What other fun stuff is going on with you? What keeps you excited about life?
I have two children that keep me busy! A 7 year old son and 1 year old daughter. I have also been married for 10 years, and he keeps me on my toes! I like to do multiple things at once and keep this mind busy, which as a mom, wife, and business owner is essential! I thrive in chaos, although I don’t go looking for it! :)
I do love problem solving, so I do a lot of sudoku puzzles!

Expansive and wild to simple and classic—there’s no minimum, so you get what you want! Photos by Justin Patton. Floral by Love Blooms.


Finally, a few more quick questions!

Favorite color? Coral

Favorite flower(s)? Anemone, ranunculus, and peonies!

Most unfavorite flower? Dusty miller!!! It looks so pretty but it wilts sooo fast!

Favorite floral-related tip for wedding couples?
To not get stuck on a certain shade of one particular color. Flowers are a natural product so they differ from week to week.

A few more photos of Katrina’s work that Lesley took, so, the photos are ok, but the flowers are amazing!


Thanks so much, Katrina! It was so fun to get to know you, learn about your creative process, and see all the fabulous flowers!

Love what you see? Check out the Love Blooms Instagram for more beautiful inspiration, the website for more info, or just give Katrina a call! She loves making your wedding day at Events on 6th special and amazing, and is happy to offer you a 10% discount for your wedding here!

Katrina Allen - Award winning wedding planner and florist

Love Blooms Wedding and Event Design

website: www.lovebloomseventdesign.com

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