A Beginning

This lovely bride is mere steps away from her new life.  I've met her once or twice as I've trained here at Events on 6th as the new director.  She's been here for a tour, a couple of walk-throughs, a rehearsal, and today to get ready.  As she walks towards her father and on to her groom, I'm thinking about big life events and changing futures.

As I've started this new job, one very different from my past endeavors, I've run hot and cold, excited and scared, happy and sad.  Sounds a bit like a new marriage, right?

I'm going to learn many new things in this new job.  It's going to stretch me, challenge me, enlighten me and reward me.  It's going to be fun.  Just like a marriage.

Come along with me as I learn about this lovely historic building, continue the friendly service, and create helpful information to make your life easier when choosing a venue.