Top Ten #6

Wow, we're down to #6 in our countdown of the Top Ten photos taken at Events on 6th.  Of course, these are my choices; perhaps you like some others on our site better!  Later in the year will be a contest where you get to choose your favorites, so stay tuned for that. 

Here is #6, a beautiful shot in our chapel.

A life-changing moment in the chapel. 

A life-changing moment in the chapel. 

This beautiful moment was captured by Vannessa at Vannessa Kralovic Photography.  What a lovely afternoon glow!

I love the light coming through the balcony window.  I love the balance of the candlelight in the foreground.  I love that you can see the guests.  I love the bride's long veil.

The chapel is a beautiful place for your wedding vows; grand with the high ceilings and wonderful stained glass, but still intimate and cozy. 

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Top Ten Photos at Events on 6th #7

Events on 6th is a beautiful wedding and reception venue!  From the stunning sanctuary to the fun reception hall, the relaxing dressing suites to the cozy lounge, this gorgeous building has it all!  And just look at the architecture outside!

A romantic moment from a beautiful wedding day

A romantic moment from a beautiful wedding day

This beautiful shot is by Claire Eliza.  I love the black and white.  I love the stone, the stained glass, and the door.  I love the historic Sixth Avenue Baptist sign.  I love how the couple is standing.  So lovely! 

The church building was built in 1924, with stone from the Wilkeson quarry.  This structure is permanent, a lovely quality to have around you as you begin your marriage together.  You'll be able to come by and visit on your 25th anniversary!

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Top Ten Photos at Events on 6th #8

So many great photos!  It is great fun to be here at Events on 6th watching the couples getting ready: the happy anticipation, the joyful smiles, and the wonderful celebrations.  And then a few weeks later, the fantastic photos!  I love to see how each photographer captures things in their own style. 

Each week I'm posting one of my favorite photos in a Top Ten countdown to honor David Letterman's retirement.  Weren't his Top Ten lists the best?  While my list isn't as funny, it is more beautiful!  Today I'm up to #8!

A bride and her father make their way towards the chapel.

A bride and her father make their way towards the chapel.

This beautiful photo of a bride and her father was captured by Gabriel Van Wyhe at Van Wyhe Photography.  This moment is so lovely and timeless; a father with his daughter on his arm, about to watch her begin her own new family.  I love the light coming through her veil.  I love the warm happy oranges of her bouquet.  I love the looks on their faces.  So beautiful! 

Stay tuned for next week's Top Ten list photo!

Top Ten Photos at Events on 6th #9

I continue to go through all the many, beautiful photos taken at Events on 6th; it's really hard to pick only ten great ones!  How ever did David Letterman write a great Top Ten list night after night?! I think eventually we should have a voting contest so you can pick your favorites!

Every week I'm posting another photo from my favorites; last week was #10, here is #9!

The Groom's Den; a warm, inviting place to relax.

The Groom's Den; a warm, inviting place to relax.

This lovely photo of the Groom's dressing room, or as I call it, the Groom's Den, was taken by Kerry Jeanne of Kerry Jeanne Photography.  She came in to do a photo shoot of the building in February and captured some great shots.  I love how warm and inviting this looks; the groom and his guys can really relax in here and easily get ready for the big moment coming up.  I love the rich golden colors and the cozy couches.  No small dark closets for our grooms!

Check out all of Kerry Jeanne's photos of Events on 6th at her blog!

Stay tuned for the rest of the countdown; they are all great!

In Honor of David Letterman: A Top Ten List (#10)

Like many, I enjoyed watching David Letterman.  I spent many a late night after college classes laughing at his opening monologue and Top Ten lists and always thought it was cool that I lived in or near two of his 'home office' cities: Grand Rapids, MI, and Wahoo, NE.  What a fun guy!

Lately, here at Events on 6th, I've been going through our many beautiful wedding and building photos.  I've been updating the website, putting together photo albums, and really enjoying all the beautiful shots!  All the weddings are so beautiful and different, and each photographer has a different eye and style.  It's so fun to see them all!

So, to honor the retirement of David Letterman, over the next 10 weeks I'll be posting my 10 favorite photos taken at Events on 6th.  At the end, there will be a beautiful Top Ten List of this beautiful Tacoma wedding venue!

So, with no further ado, I present to you: #10

A beautiful bride, about to walk down the aisle.  Photo by Lesley Pollack, Events on 6th

A beautiful bride, about to walk down the aisle.  Photo by Lesley Pollack, Events on 6th

I love this photo, if only because it was the first one I worked at Events on 6th.  This was last October, and I was in training, and happened to be watching as Caitlin walked from the bride's dressing room and up the hall to meet her dad before walking down the aisle to her groom. 

I love her dress.  I love the sunlight coming through the stained glass.  I love that you can see her dad.  I love the purple linen and the personal touches on the tables.  I think it's beautiful.

Since then, I've captured every bride in this moment, but this one is still my favorite.

Come back every Tuesday to see the next photo on the list! 

Guest Post - A Groom's Point of View

Finding Events on 6th

My name is Ben, and I recently became engaged to the love of my life, Kimmy.

Kimmy and I met on June 17th, 2012.  I remember the day because my birthday is the day before and I spent the 4 days prior backpacking; it was a pretty great birthday week.  On that Sunday as I was heading home from the trail, I got a voice mail from a childhood friend saying he was coming into town with his one-year-old baby girl.  Sort of to show her off.  My friend’s name also happens to be Ben.  Ben invited me to link up and sightsee for the day with his new family.  Towards happy hour time he informs me that we are going to meet up with some of his friends from high school at a café near Pike Place market.  To my surprise Kimmy was one of the friends who showed up for lunch, and by chance we were seated next to each other at the edge of the table.  I used suave poetry to woo her into agreeing to see me for a second date without a crowd.  Within the week we were dating, it was facebook official!

Kimmy and I have been dating for nearly three years and I knew it was time to put a ring on her.  On February 2nd, 2015 I suggested to Kimmy that we take a walk around the Wapato Park near our house.  It was a nice day, and the park is quite beautiful with a nice natural loop back into our neighborhood.  As we were walking around the pond looking at ducks and talking, we stepped off the trail onto a grassy picnic spot.  As she was looking around, I took to a knee and waited for her to turn around.  SHE SAID YES!!!!  We were engaged that afternoon and came up with the idea of having a New Year’s Eve wedding within the week. New Year's Eve was her idea, as all good ideas come from that half of this relationship.

We began looking for wedding venues that were available for New Year's Eve. We looked at about 10 different venues in Seattle and nearly settled on a place in the University District near Husky stadium.  Before signing on a venue in Seattle we thought we would check out what Tacoma had to offer; after all I live in Tacoma.  I googled some venues as well as had some recommendations from friends.  Events on 6th was a venue that I found online and was impressed with the castle-like chapel and the location; after all we’re getting married on New Year's Eve!  After touring Events on 6th, Kimmy and I agreed that it belonged on the top of our list.  Over the course of the next two weeks we negotiated with Lesley on terms of renting the space.  We wanted extra time because we need to use the venue for pictures and have the place until 1 a.m.  Lesley accommodated all of our requests and we felt that Events on 6th was the perfect place for us to tie the knot and start our lives as one. 

We’re looking forward to our wedding this upcoming New Year’s Eve and Events on 6th is definitely a part of the magic!

The beautiful, castle-like chapel, perfect for Ben & Kimmy's New Year's Eve wedding!

The beautiful, castle-like chapel, perfect for Ben & Kimmy's New Year's Eve wedding!

Tacoma Wedding Expo

The Tacoma Wedding Expo at Events on 6th is coming soon!  RSVP and mark your calendar for Thursday evening, April 16th from 5-7:30.

Jonz Catering is hosting this event and will be serving great food for you to taste and enjoy.

Tour Events on 6th: the stunning Gothic Revival chapel, posh bride's dressing room, relaxing groom's den, cozy mid-century lounge, outdoor garden courtyard, and the fun-filled reception hall make this venue ideal for your wedding day. 

Visit with our many vendors!  They are intent on making your day as special, relaxing, and memory-filled as possible.  They are here to help!

Vendor list is up!  Check them out and plan on meeting them at the expo.

See you there! 

Get Married Soon!

Can you plan a wedding in just two months?  One?  Yes you can!  Our chapel and reception area are beautiful and fun just as they are; don't worry about too many decorations!  We also have caterers and planners ready and willing to make your wedding day go perfectly.

Are you ready to be married?  Events on 6th has several upcoming dates, now a special price for you! 

We have a few unbooked Saturdays coming up; if you can plan quickly, you'll get a deal. 

Dates available are May 2 and 16, and June 6, 13 and 27.

Call now to book!  253-906-0448

Wedding Expo at Events on 6th!

What fun!  Events on 6th is joining up with Jonz Catering for a tasting and mini wedding expo! 

Visit Events on 6th Thursday evening, April 16th, from 5-7:30pm for the most fun expo you've ever been to!

Come tour the gorgeous chapel, adorable bride's room, relaxing groom's den, cozy lounge, and course, the fun-filled reception hall.  It's everything you need on your wedding day, all in one building, and with no switching one room into another.

Taste great food prepared by Jonz Catering while enjoying the DJ's tunes under the party lights.  Meet all the wonderful vendors who can help you plan your wedding day.  We'll have several designers, planners, photographers, officiants and more!

RSVP to   It's free if you RSVP; $20 at the door.

Call or email for more information!  253.906.0448 or  253.274.0443

Interview with a Vendor - Serena Sullivan, Officiant

Interview with a Vendor - Serena Sullivan, Officiant

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 at Events on 6th

Serena contacted me through our Here Comes the Guide online listing, asking to meet, view the venue, and offer her services to our couples. Of course I agreed! I have been meaning to make a list of officiants to put on our vendor list, and Serena is giving me the impetus. She is an ordained minister who has only recently moved to the Tacoma area. She is in the Stadium district, which is just down the street from Events on 6th. You know she won’t be late! :)

It was really great to meet Serena and get to know her. Here is my interview with her. Enjoy!

How do you view a couple’s wedding day?
It is one of the most important days of their lives. My desire and goal is to design a ceremony personalized specifically for them. Often there are children who will be part of the new family being created and I love to offer ways to include them in the ceremony. (Guests attending memorial services and weddings I officiate often tell me that this is the ‘best memorial service/wedding I’ve ever been to.’)

What do you enjoy about your work?
I really enjoy officiating at weddings. I love working with the couples, getting to know them, and helping them create a ceremony that is truly designed for their personalities and lifestyles. Officiating at weddings (and memorial services) is an opportunity to use my creative gifts and share a very important time with people. It is my pleasure to officiate at religious or non-religious ceremonies for opposite or same-sex couples.

What happens when a couple decides to meet you?
First we meet to get to know each other, and talk about what they desire included in their ceremony. Based on that conversation I prepare a draft of the ceremony, and we get together again to finalize our plans. It is always helpful to get together for a rehearsal the day before the Wedding. And I am available to assist as needed during the days leading up to the wedding.

What led you to the ministry?
Following my divorce 30 years ago, I began attending a Presbyterian Church in Southern California, where I was living at the time. Soon I was involved in leadership at that church, which resulted in the congregation sending me to Seminary for additional theological education. One thing followed another, and almost before I could blink I found myself graduating with my Master of Divinity degree and being called to serve the church as an Ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament. In that role I have been very thankful for the years I spent working with people in the Business World, as that experience combined with the theological education provided much-needed skills for a Solo Pastor.


That’s it! If you need an officiant for your wedding, email Serena at: to make arrangements to meet!

Stay tuned for more interviews with vendors.

Get in on this Complete Wedding Day Package for Valentine's Day

Are you looking for a gorgeous venue for your wedding day?  Do you want to skip the stress and still have a beautiful wedding?  Events on 6th has the wedding package for you! 

For only $2500, you can get married and have a dessert reception at Events on 6th.  You'll be able to enjoy the stunning sanctuary with its vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows, the luxurious bride's dressing room and groom's den/dressing room, the cool lounge with fireplace and couches, the cozy outdoor courtyard, and finally, the fun reception hall.

All decorations and coordination will be provided.  Atiya from You Are the Star Weddings and Events will make your wedding day stress-free and provide a lovely backdrop for your wedding day memories.  She'll use Julia's Floral for your bridal bouquet, and make sure the decorations are to your taste.

Music for the ceremony and reception will be provided by Lion's Den Entertainment; you'll be able to choose your ceremony and reception music style and it'll be taken care of for you!

You don't even have to find an officiant!  Pastor David B Ptasnik has several ceremony options for you; you're sure to find just the right one for you.

You'll even have a photographer: Styron's Photography will capture your wedding and reception memories and provide an online gallery and a CD of images.

It's not only your wedding, but the party afterwards!  Your reception will include desserts and punch by Snuffin's Catering, and for the couple, a cake top by Corina Bakery and champagne for your toasts.

We have several two-hour windows available; call for details for this fantastic package. or 253-906-0448

Save the Date: Get married on Valentine's Day!

Congratulations on your engagement!  I'm sure you're full of excitement and looking forward to a fantastic wedding day and wonderful marriage.

Have you picked your wedding date?  May I offer the 14th of February, otherwise known as Valentine's Day?  It's on a Saturday this year, and Events on 6th is planning a lovely package deal for you!

Don't think you can pull together a wedding so quickly?  Can't fathom all the decisions and choices?  Want to avoid all the planning stress?  Choose Events on 6th for your Valentine's Day wedding, and we'll take care of it all for you.

We're pulling together the last details and will have the package ready for you soon, but rest assured, it'll be a beautiful wedding.  Give me a call for a tour, and we'll talk more about it.

Again, many congratulations on your engagement!

Tacoma Wedding Expo January 3rd & 4th

Skip the stress: Choose Events on 6th, be happy, get married!

Skip the stress: Choose Events on 6th, be happy, get married!

Yes, you could go to the Tacoma Wedding Expo this weekend.   I'm sure there will be many lovely and amazing things to see, and innumerable helpful vendors. You might even have tons of fun! 

I think however, that most brides come away a bit overwhelmed.  There's so much to see!  So many ideas and decisions!  So many perfect ways to have a perfect day!

If you'd like a change of pace, just come for a tour of Events on 6th.  It's quiet and lovely.  With the beautiful sanctuary and fun reception hall all in one building, you'll see why Events on 6th is going to be the perfect backdrop to your wedding day, and then all your happy memories of one of the best days of your life.  There's even a lounge area and outdoor courtyard, so your guests can feel free to roam about the building.

We also have a list of wonderful vendors, all who have served our couples well.  The Wedding Bell, Legendary Doughnuts and Ice Cream Social are just down the street!  After your tour at Events on 6th, you can check them out too!  See all our vendors online!  !!

Save yourself $16 and the hassle; come to Events on 6th, be happy, and get married.

Take a Tour! During a Party! What could be more fun!

Please RSVP so we have enough snacks!  :)

Please RSVP so we have enough snacks!  :)

Well, sure, I'd love to give you a tour anytime, but why not come on in when there's a party going on? 

It can be pretty quiet during a regular tour; a party is a great way to see what Events on 6th offers you for your wedding and reception.  Get a sense of the happiness, joy, and fun your wedding day will surely be!

Stay tuned to find out all the great vendors you can meet during this fun event. 

Email or call for more information, or to RSVP.

Interview with a Vendor - Jessica Uhler, Photographer


Interview with a Vendor - Jessica Uhler, Photographer

Thursday, November 13th, 2014 at Corina Bakery in Downtown Tacoma

I first mistakenly pulled up to the previous location of Corina Bakery, but a quick call to Jessica revealed it was just around the corner in its new location next to The Grand Theater. We enjoyed some lovely coffee drinks and breakfast snacks (mocha and delicious yogurt with granola for me!), discussed my ineptitude at social media, and talked at length about Jessica’s photography business.

She’s covered weddings as both the primary and secondary shooter at Events on 6th, and photographed a beautiful wedding there earlier this summer:

It was really great to meet Jessica and get to know her. Here is my interview with her. Enjoy!

What do you love about shooting at Events on 6th?
The light in the sanctuary is just so golden and lovely; it’s so hard to find nice indoor light, but Events on 6th really has it.

What’s your photography style?
I really look for that authentic interaction between people, so my style is more of a documentary style, one that captures the story of the whole day: what it felt like for the couple on their wedding day. I love to capture the personalities, especially in those ‘in between’ moments. Sure, I can set up a formal shot, but I know how to wait for and capture those hidden moments, moments sometimes the bride and groom are not even aware happened.

What happens when a bride and groom decide to meet you?
I always meet with the bride and groom to hear their story and to see how we fit together. It’s so important to have good chemistry and understand a couple’s priorities when it comes to photography. The best photographer for you is one you feel comfortable with. I want the bride and groom to feel relaxed and not stressed when I’m near them on their wedding day. It’s supposed to be fun, and I love to feel like a guest at their wedding. I don’t want any bride and groom; I want the right bride and groom for my approach to a wedding day. If they are looking for an artistic telling of the whole story of the day than we are likely a great match.

How do you work with them to get the best photos?
We always talk about their priorities; the main things they want to remember, the little shots they want captured. I give them a questionnaire and that helps me figure out the best way to capture their day. I like to be clear, so that everyone knows what to expect. I also know great places near to Events on 6th for outdoor portraits, even when it’s raining! Tacoma has such a variety places to shoot portraits; we talk beforehand about the style of shots they would like, whether it’s Washington woods, or Tacoma urban grit, and work out a timeline for the day for both the outdoor location shots and the indoor Events on 6th shots. I like to set aside a good chunk of time in the wedding timeline to create beautiful portraits for my couples.

What other things make you unique among photographers?
I limit the number of weddings I do a year, so that I can fully pay attention to those couples. I want to provide great customer service with fast turn-around, so that you have your wedding photos as soon as possible. I offer skillfully-done photographs presented in a way that truly captures the whole wedding day, but they are not just photos, because after all, you’ll have guests with cameras and phones, but I work to give you artwork, full of artistry and creativity. I did not have great photos at my wedding, and I regret it. After all the planning and work, after the whole day is done, what you have are your memories and your wedding album. It truly is your first family heirloom. It’s an investment, and I take it seriously.

What other fun stuff is going on with you?
I am excited about being featured on a large wedding blog this next March, and as always, I’m happy to be making portraits of lovely families. Besides weddings, I shoot families in their homes, again in the documentary style, sort of a story-telling session. I love to capture the true interactions between family members in their own home. I also have the chance to do some work with organizations overseas next spring and I’m very excited to be giving back in that way.

What is your favorite photo you’ve taken at Events on 6th, and what’s the story behind it?
I think the photo above of Bethany during the ceremony is one of my favorites because it tells so much about the couple’s personality and really the whole tone of the wedding. Her father performed the ceremony, which was incredibly moving and full of personal anecdotes and love and laughter.

That’s it!  Thanks, Jessica!  Check out her website at:

Stay tuned for more fun interviews with vendors!

A Beginning

This lovely bride is mere steps away from her new life.  I've met her once or twice as I've trained here at Events on 6th as the new director.  She's been here for a tour, a couple of walk-throughs, a rehearsal, and today to get ready.  As she walks towards her father and on to her groom, I'm thinking about big life events and changing futures.

As I've started this new job, one very different from my past endeavors, I've run hot and cold, excited and scared, happy and sad.  Sounds a bit like a new marriage, right?

I'm going to learn many new things in this new job.  It's going to stretch me, challenge me, enlighten me and reward me.  It's going to be fun.  Just like a marriage.

Come along with me as I learn about this lovely historic building, continue the friendly service, and create helpful information to make your life easier when choosing a venue.



Wedding Trend-Hanging Everything


The sky’s the limit with this wedding trend…hanging lighting, flowers, globes and more. I love this idea to bring your decor up a notch, not to mention adding more table space, light and visual interest.

Hang flowers, fabrics or frames for the perfect backdrop or open air photo booth.


Pops of light and color make for a more festive ambiance.


Hanging globes are gorgeous and allow for endless creativity. You can group them and leave them empty, or fill them with lights, candles or flowers.


Leave a comment with your favorite hanging wedding decor and lighting ideas!


Sources: Julie Song, Angel in the North, Ruffled, Apple Brides, Mindy Weiss, Green Wedding Shoes, Apple Day.

Jewel-toned inspirations for weddings!




OCTOBER 24, 2013 by Life In Velvet


Hi Events on 6th readers! With winter just around the corner, I thought I would share one of my favorite color trends for fall and winter weddings…gorgeous jewel tones. I love deep, rich colors to add warmth and coziness this time of year. Check out these ideas to incorporate beautiful purples, reds, blues and oranges. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below…

1. Invitations
Sophisticated and simple invitations in bold jewel tones set the right mood for your guests.


  2. Floral

Rich hues and texture are top design picks for floral styling for fall and winter weddings.



3. Seasonal Cocktails

Take your mixology to the next level using the flavorful fruits of the season. This sparkling raspberry pomegranate champagne cocktail is really tasty. For the non-drinkers, sodas in your wedding colors make a pretty addition to your bar.



4. Smart Splurge Accessories

Smart splurges include beautiful accessories that will sparkle on your wedding day and again for a date night or another special occasion.



5. Bridesmaid Dresses

Jewel-toned bridesmaid dresses in deep, rich colors flatter virtually every skin tone.



6. Tablescapes

An interesting tablescape is all about mixing layers and alternating heights. Don’t be afraid to mix textures, colors and patterns.


 7. Non-Traditional Cakes and Desserts

Naked cakes are a great option for a rustic fall or winter wedding. These adorable pie pops would be the perfect accompaniment for your cake table.



8. Parting Gifts

Jams from the fruits of the season make beautiful favors your guests will be able to enjoy months after your wedding.




Picture Sources(in order of appearance): Style Me Pretty, Atheneum Creative, The Knot, Rachel Clingen, Heather Christo, Style Me Pretty, A City Wedding, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Simply Peachy, The Every Last Detail, Style Me Pretty and Style Me Pretty.

DIY Chalkboard sign: Classic idea for your wedding day



I love chalkboard signs, so I wanted to share a really easy project you can use for any event. I used this sign made from a simple 8 x 10 picture frame for our wedding candy bar.


Remove glass and any inserts from your frame. I used the glass as the chalkboard surface, but that required 3 coats of chalkboard paint and longer drying time. As long as the back of your frame is hard and flat, I recommend using that instead.

Shake your bottle of chalkboard paint. Paint a light, even coat making sure you vary the direction of your brush strokes. Allow the proper amount of drying time based on the manufacturer’s instructions and apply additional coats of paint as necessary. Allow your last coat of paint to dry overnight.
It is important to season your chalkboard with chalk before writing on it. Hold a piece of chalk on its long side and rub the entire surface with a thin coat of chalk. Wipe with a paper towel, and you’re all ready to create your beautiful sign!

I recommend chalk paint pens over chalk for the writing on your sign. Chalk paint pens are brighter and draw much more precise lines. You can reuse your sign by simply wiping the chalk paint off with a damp cloth.





Chalkboard paint (I like Martha Stewart, available at any craft store )

Chalk paint pens


Small foam roller paint brush

Drop cloth


Launching our new blog: A collaboration with Life in Velvet

Events on 6th has decided to launch their new blog with a guest blogger!

Angela Esposito is the author and designer of a blog that is full of trendy DIY projects! Check out her blog at  She will be guest blogging and contributing her talent with us on all things WEDDINGS!  We are so excited to be able to share her ideas, thoughts, and inspirations with our readers! Please check out her post on a STUNNING DIY Brooch Bouquet. Welcome Angela!

DIY BROOCH BOUQUET by Life in Velvet





Just a fair warning…Brooch-bouquet making is not for the faint of heart, but it is so worth it! I started this project about 6 months before my wedding. Collecting enough brooches to fill the bouquet is the most time-consuming (and also the most fun) part.

While you are assembling your collection, decide on a general color scheme and stick to that, but think creatively about using other pieces of jewelry. I used large earrings and necklace pendants too. I was very fortunate to be able to use brooches from my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Those are my absolute favorites. The remainder I collected here and there. I bought a couple of lots from ebay (even if you throw away a few, it’s usually less expensive that way) and found most of the others from online wholesalers.  I ended up using around 60 pieces total.


The first step is to attach wire to each brooch. I wrapped a piece of wire around each side of the brooch pin so each brooch looked like a flower with a stem. Cut the wire on each down to about 3 inches.



Cut 2/3 off the top of the styrofoam ball with a kitchen knife. On the bottom (flat side) make a hole in the middle slightly smaller than the wooden dowel. Put a little hot glue in the hole and insert the dowel. Make sure this is very sturdy because these bouquets weigh a ton. Slip the bouquet holder over the handle and hot glue it to the ball.

Glue the hydrangeas in one layer to cover the entire ball. I also added some feathers around the bottom edge. This serves as a filler so you can’t see the styrofoam between the brooches.  Once that’s done you’re ready to start inserting brooches. I organized mine into categories…sentimental, other favorites and fillers. You’ll want to add the fillers first, as they will be mostly covered by the next layers. Save your sentimental brooches for the top and sides so they will pop out in pictures.


Once all of your brooches are in, step back and make sure the colors are balanced. Also, give it a good shake. If any brooches wobble or fall off, either rewire them or use a little hot glue to keep them in place.


Now you’re ready to put the finishing touches on the handle. Cut your ribbon into 6” strips and glue each into a loop until the base of the ball and bouquet form are covered. Glue one end of a very long piece of ribbon slightly underneath one of the loops and wrap it all the way around the handle. Glue your embellishment on the very bottom of the handle as a cap. You can then wrap some thinner ribbon around the base to conceal the end of the satin ribbon.



My bouquet ended up weighing 5 or 6 pounds and it was a ton of work, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Of all of my DIY wedding projects, this was the one I enjoyed the most. I really loved being able to incorporate special heirlooms from my family and it looks so pretty in pictures.




Styrofoam ball (I used a 10 in, but 8 in is a popular size to use)

Wooden dowel for handle

Hot glue gun

Thick jewelry wire or floral wire

Pliers and wire cutters or sharp scissors

A couple of bunches of silk hydrangeas

Plastic bouquet form

Satin ribbon