Great wedding dates for 2019 and 2020

Is this your perfect wedding date?

Is this your perfect wedding date?

Are you planning to get married on your perfect wedding date?

Maybe it’s the anniversary date of your engagement or when you said “I love you”. Maybe it’s a cherished family wedding date or a set of numbers that is meaningful to you.

No matter what, choosing a wedding date can be fun and meaningful, and of course, it’ll be the date of your anniversary celebrations for the rest of your life! So fun!

So happy to have found the perfect date!  Photo by Lifebox Studio

So happy to have found the perfect date! Photo by Lifebox Studio

Sometimes you choose based on your dream venue and what they have available. If you are in love with a specific venue and must marry there, then the date may be a secondary choice.

Perhaps there is a season you love! Each season or month will have pros and cons depending on where you are. You may dream of spring flowers or fall leaves for your wedding photos! Or maybe you’d like to have a sunny honeymoon destination to look forward to in the middle of winter for all your future anniversaries! That sounds good to me!

Choosing by season! Left to Right: Spring photo by Sam Amburgey, Summer by RP Imagery, Fall by Photos by Angie and Paul, Winter by LifeBox Studio

Sometimes you need to look at when friends and relatives can be in town for your big event, or you just know you want to incorporate a holiday like NYE or the 4th of July. Perhaps money is a concern and off-season rates and less popular days of the week are desired.

Choosing memorable dates with great numbers is also fun, and may help with remembering the date in the future.

Let’s look at some great dates for 2019 and 2020! I’m only going to look at Fridays and Saturdays, because that’s what is available at Events on 6th!

Great dates at Events on 6th in 2019:

Working with the 19 in 2019, anything with 9 in it:
3-9-19, 6-29-19, 7-19-19, 8-9-19, 10-19-19, and 11-9-19

Sequential numbers:
5-18-19, 10-18-19

Prime numbers:
3-23-19, 3-29-19, 5-3-19, 5-11-19, 5-17-19, 5-31-19, 7-5-19, 7-19-19, 11-23-19, 11-29-19

Sometimes the numbers within a month are fun:
2-22, 3-2, 3-9, 3-23, 3-30, 4-5, 5-10, 6-7, 7-6, 8-9, 8-16, 12-13 (also a Friday the 13th date!)

Great dates at Events on 6th in 2020:

Working with the 20 in 2020, anything with 20 in it:
3-20-20, 6-20-20, 11-20-20

Dates with 10s are fun too:
1-10-20, 4-10-20 (not available), 7-10-20 (not available), and the big one: 10-10-20 (sorry, also not available)

Sequential numbers:
2-21-20, 3-21-20, 6-19-20, 8-21-20, 9-19-20, 11-21-20, 12-19-20

Just lots of 2s:

Other great 2020 dates:
Valentines Day 2-14-20, Leap Year Day 2-29-20 (both in February, so $500 off regular price!)

Numbers within a month:
1-11-20, 2-22-20, 4-4-20, 5-15-20, 6-6-20, 6-12-20, 7-17-20, 8-8-20, 9-19-20, 10-30-20, 12-12-20

Not Events on 6th! This is my wedding in Michigan almost 21 years ago on June 6!

Not Events on 6th! This is my wedding in Michigan almost 21 years ago on June 6!

Of course, you can look for other fun combos like all evens or all odds; whatever makes you smile when you think about your wedding day. Oh, and don’t worry about a date that has infamous connotations. My husband and I ended up marrying on June 6th, a lovely 6-6 combination, but also D-Day. We joke about it and still love our wedding date!

Even if you just randomly pick a date with no meaning, it immediately becomes extremely special to you and as soon as you are married, it will be filled with fantastic memories you can draw on for years to come!

Is your favorite date available at Events on 6th? Check it out here!

Click to see if your date is available!

Click to see if your date is available!