Where to put the bar?

Yes, you   can   get married at a church   and   have alcohol!

Yes, you can get married at a church and have alcohol!

Are you trying to figure out where to put your bar at Events on 6th?  There are many options, so you'll be able to put it right where it's best for you and your party.

Most couples put the bar in the lounge, but even there, there are several options.  The smallest groups or parties with only a few drink choices can use the kitchenette, which has a cute Dutch door.  Medium-sized parties, or parties serving just a few drinks can get away with a one-table bar over by the garden or by the Fife Street entry.  The largest groups, with the most drink options should have a two-table bar, and that goes well by the garden, under the mirror.  Check out the photos!

The bar also works well in the garden courtyard, perfect during the warmer months.

If you have a smaller party and can fit the bar in the reception hall, there are a couple of options there as well, either by the kitchen or by the garden.

I hope that helps you decide where to put your bar at Events on 6th! 

Some things to think about are how many guests you are having and the number of drinks you'll be serving.  It also helps to know if you are planning plastic cups or real glassware.  Talk to your caterer/bartender about what they will need so we can have the proper number of tables and space for them! 

You can also decide if you want to rent a bar, rent a table bar add-on piece which basically adds a tall shelf to a regular table, or if you want table risers to make the table taller.  If you're having kegs, you'll need space for those, and don't forget ice!  You'll need ice for the kegs, ice in coolers/buckets for sodas and water, and ice in a container for putting into drinks.  Talk to your bartender about who will provide those items.  Don't forget: Events on 6th does not have an icemaker or freezer. 

Lastly, don't forget the linens, bottle openers, and wine keys! 

Working through all these decisions means your bar will be in the perfect place for you and your guests, and the flow of your party will be spot on.