Top Ten #5

Events on 6th is located on 6th Avenue in Tacoma, Washington, in a beautiful old church building.  It was renovated in 2010/2011 to make it perfect for weddings.  When you drive up, you'll see all the beautiful stone and wonderful stained glass; it has such a great, permanent feel to it!  This building will be here for your 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries!  What a beautiful backdrop and statement to start out your new life with!

What a statement! Beautiful!

What a statement! Beautiful!

This gorgeous shot and number five in our countdown of great photos at Events on 6th was captured by Camille Lenee Photography.  I love the rays of sunlight.  I love the black and white.  I love the stone and the window. 

What a beautiful building!

Come back each week as we work towards the number one most beautiful photo here at Events on 6th!