Top Ten #2

Many of the great photos taken at Events on 6th are of the building or of a wedding, but this next one in our countdown was taken at a designer's styled photoshoot.  Vendors get together and work to best represent themselves so that you can get a great idea of what services they provide.  That's kind of a boring technical description for what they really do, which is create magic!

This beautiful shot was captured by Liz Morrow at Liz Morrow Studios and styled by Karrie Anne Holland of Sparks Fly Events & Design.  You can read more about the shoot and see more great photos at their sites: Sparks Fly & Liz Morrow.

Styled shoots show off so many talented vendors!

Styled shoots show off so many talented vendors!

I love the skirt that goes on and on.  I love the leather couches.  I love that the dress and couches are the same color.  I love her flowers.  I love that the dress has long sleeves!  I love that her lipstick matches the red flowers.  I love this shot.

There is only one photo left in my Top Ten Photos taken at Events on 6th.  What will it be?  Find out next week!