Top Ten Photos at Events on 6th #9

I continue to go through all the many, beautiful photos taken at Events on 6th; it's really hard to pick only ten great ones!  How ever did David Letterman write a great Top Ten list night after night?! I think eventually we should have a voting contest so you can pick your favorites!

Every week I'm posting another photo from my favorites; last week was #10, here is #9!

The Groom's Den; a warm, inviting place to relax.

The Groom's Den; a warm, inviting place to relax.

This lovely photo of the Groom's dressing room, or as I call it, the Groom's Den, was taken by Kerry Jeanne of Kerry Jeanne Photography.  She came in to do a photo shoot of the building in February and captured some great shots.  I love how warm and inviting this looks; the groom and his guys can really relax in here and easily get ready for the big moment coming up.  I love the rich golden colors and the cozy couches.  No small dark closets for our grooms!

Check out all of Kerry Jeanne's photos of Events on 6th at her blog!

Stay tuned for the rest of the countdown; they are all great!