Top Ten #6

Wow, we're down to #6 in our countdown of the Top Ten photos taken at Events on 6th.  Of course, these are my choices; perhaps you like some others on our site better!  Later in the year will be a contest where you get to choose your favorites, so stay tuned for that. 

Here is #6, a beautiful shot in our chapel.

A life-changing moment in the chapel. 

A life-changing moment in the chapel. 

This beautiful moment was captured by Vannessa at Vannessa Kralovic Photography.  What a lovely afternoon glow!

I love the light coming through the balcony window.  I love the balance of the candlelight in the foreground.  I love that you can see the guests.  I love the bride's long veil.

The chapel is a beautiful place for your wedding vows; grand with the high ceilings and wonderful stained glass, but still intimate and cozy. 

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