Guest Post - A Groom's Point of View

Finding Events on 6th

My name is Ben, and I recently became engaged to the love of my life, Kimmy.

Kimmy and I met on June 17th, 2012.  I remember the day because my birthday is the day before and I spent the 4 days prior backpacking; it was a pretty great birthday week.  On that Sunday as I was heading home from the trail, I got a voice mail from a childhood friend saying he was coming into town with his one-year-old baby girl.  Sort of to show her off.  My friend’s name also happens to be Ben.  Ben invited me to link up and sightsee for the day with his new family.  Towards happy hour time he informs me that we are going to meet up with some of his friends from high school at a café near Pike Place market.  To my surprise Kimmy was one of the friends who showed up for lunch, and by chance we were seated next to each other at the edge of the table.  I used suave poetry to woo her into agreeing to see me for a second date without a crowd.  Within the week we were dating, it was facebook official!

Kimmy and I have been dating for nearly three years and I knew it was time to put a ring on her.  On February 2nd, 2015 I suggested to Kimmy that we take a walk around the Wapato Park near our house.  It was a nice day, and the park is quite beautiful with a nice natural loop back into our neighborhood.  As we were walking around the pond looking at ducks and talking, we stepped off the trail onto a grassy picnic spot.  As she was looking around, I took to a knee and waited for her to turn around.  SHE SAID YES!!!!  We were engaged that afternoon and came up with the idea of having a New Year’s Eve wedding within the week. New Year's Eve was her idea, as all good ideas come from that half of this relationship.

We began looking for wedding venues that were available for New Year's Eve. We looked at about 10 different venues in Seattle and nearly settled on a place in the University District near Husky stadium.  Before signing on a venue in Seattle we thought we would check out what Tacoma had to offer; after all I live in Tacoma.  I googled some venues as well as had some recommendations from friends.  Events on 6th was a venue that I found online and was impressed with the castle-like chapel and the location; after all we’re getting married on New Year's Eve!  After touring Events on 6th, Kimmy and I agreed that it belonged on the top of our list.  Over the course of the next two weeks we negotiated with Lesley on terms of renting the space.  We wanted extra time because we need to use the venue for pictures and have the place until 1 a.m.  Lesley accommodated all of our requests and we felt that Events on 6th was the perfect place for us to tie the knot and start our lives as one. 

We’re looking forward to our wedding this upcoming New Year’s Eve and Events on 6th is definitely a part of the magic!

The beautiful, castle-like chapel, perfect for Ben & Kimmy's New Year's Eve wedding!

The beautiful, castle-like chapel, perfect for Ben & Kimmy's New Year's Eve wedding!