Guest Post - Final Plans for Ben & Kimmy's New Year's Eve Bash

What a wonderful idea: a New Year's Eve wedding! 

Several months ago, Ben wrote about his proposal to the 'love of his life' Kimmy, and how they decided on a New Year's Eve wedding at Events on 6th.

Here is Ben's update on how all the plans are going!

We are on a 30 day count down to the wedding and things are shaping up.  We have finalized our catering with Gallucci’s catering.  Their staff have been amazingly flexible and have accommodated all of our wishes and changes. 
Flowers, drinks, wedding attire, hotel rooms, and seating arrangements have also been finalized in the last week.  We are excited that many of our guests will be joining us at Hotel Murano after the wedding is over. 
We only have small stuff left on our “to-do list.”  Our wedding is on New Year’s Eve and the party will go into New Year's Day, so we are trying to plan fun New Year's Eve- themed activities to help ring in the New Year in the most epic way possible. 
We have gathered more decorations and party favors than we know what to do with so we are now stepping back to determine what we are really going to use and where it is going to go. 
Overall, we have 90% of the work complete and are just counting down the days until the big day.

Stay tuned for Ben's report after the big day.   

We wish him and Kimmy a beautiful, memorable, fantastic wedding!