DIY Chalkboard sign: Classic idea for your wedding day



I love chalkboard signs, so I wanted to share a really easy project you can use for any event. I used this sign made from a simple 8 x 10 picture frame for our wedding candy bar.


Remove glass and any inserts from your frame. I used the glass as the chalkboard surface, but that required 3 coats of chalkboard paint and longer drying time. As long as the back of your frame is hard and flat, I recommend using that instead.

Shake your bottle of chalkboard paint. Paint a light, even coat making sure you vary the direction of your brush strokes. Allow the proper amount of drying time based on the manufacturer’s instructions and apply additional coats of paint as necessary. Allow your last coat of paint to dry overnight.
It is important to season your chalkboard with chalk before writing on it. Hold a piece of chalk on its long side and rub the entire surface with a thin coat of chalk. Wipe with a paper towel, and you’re all ready to create your beautiful sign!

I recommend chalk paint pens over chalk for the writing on your sign. Chalk paint pens are brighter and draw much more precise lines. You can reuse your sign by simply wiping the chalk paint off with a damp cloth.





Chalkboard paint (I like Martha Stewart, available at any craft store )

Chalk paint pens


Small foam roller paint brush

Drop cloth