Your Worst Nightmare

Beautiful church wedding ceremony.jpg

A gorgeous, problem-free wedding. Photo by Christina Klas Photography

You’ve just walked down the aisle...the music is amazing, your love is standing there looking at you with adoration, tears are welling in your eyes...
but you suddenly realize you’re not wearing your veil!
Your bridesmaids don’t have their bouquets!
And one of the groomsmen is definitely drunk.
What a nightmare!

I know you’re thinking ‘this can’t possibly all happen’, but do you really want any of them to happen?

I have seen each of these and other frustrating things on wedding days.
I’ve seen a family have to suddenly figure out how to put together flowers because the florist had the wrong date.
I’ve seen a caterer go AWOL because they stepped out for a snack, but then the timeline suddenly changed.
I’ve seen brides getting pestered with questions about decor and timeline.
I’ve seen tired fathers cleaning up at the end.

Weddings can be stressful and hectic!  Photo by Jessica Uhler

Weddings can be stressful and hectic! Photo by Jessica Uhler

All of these scary, stressful problems can be avoided by hiring a professional wedding coordinator!
A coordinator has your back, girl! She’ll make sure all the details are happening, all the vendors know what’s going on, and keep you happy!

Now, I’ve seen weddings with professional coordinators, with family or friends running things, and with seemingly nobody in charge. Most weddings do go well, and sometimes it does come down to the personalities of the couple and family...some people just don’t stress details and don’t care about timing and any problems just aren’t problems.

They said ‘I do” and that was all that mattered! However, the weddings with coordinators and planners always feel so much calmer, so much more relaxed...there’s excitement and anticipation, but it’s not stress.

Wedding goals!!  Relaxed and calm.  Photo by Something Minted Photography

Wedding goals!! Relaxed and calm. Photo by Something Minted Photography

Whether they are called a planner or coordinator...they are there to help you! Planning and organizing a wedding can be a full time job, and yes, maybe you are super organized, and yes, some of it is fun! Maybe you even have an aunt, sister, or friend who would love to help you.

But just think about how you want to remember the day. Your wedding day. Do you want to be running around solving problems? Do you want to be worrying if your family member is really in control or just wants to dance the night away? You might be great at throwing a party, but this is probably the biggest of your life and you will be grateful at the end for some help.

A pro is a professional...they know what they are doing! It’s their job. They have checklists, superpower brains, Plan Bs, Plan Cs, major experience, and above all, massive amounts of patience. There’s a huge learning curve to running a wedding and I’m assuming you only want to do this once! Do yourself a favor and hire a coordinator!

An awesome planner can help you get this shot!   Photo by Lenaig Delisle Photography.  Coordination by Ruby Red Shoes.

An awesome planner can help you get this shot!
Photo by Lenaig Delisle Photography. Coordination by Ruby Red Shoes.

I see many coordinators at Events on 6th, and they sure do help keep everything on schedule and running smoothly and calmly! In future posts I’m going to introduce you to a few fabulous wedding planners/coordinators that I know and who will do an amazing job for you!

Meanwhile I asked a few for some advice on reasons to hire a coordinator. They mentioned many things, but one theme came through loud and you want to enjoy the best day of your life or spend it stressing the details?

Katrina from Love Blooms says that just being able to relax and enjoy your day is the biggest reason.

“You don’t have to worry about setting anything up, paying attention to the schedule, answering questions from vendors or family, or solving problems when they come up. Let a pro be in charge of all the many moving pieces of the day so that you can enjoy the experience of getting married!” — Katrina

Rosalynn from My Perfect Wedding Assistant stresses the importance of focusing on yourselves and your relationship, both throughout the planning process and the wedding day, which is truly easier when a coordinator is helping with the planning process.

“Do not get so swept away in planning your perfect wedding that you get swept away from quality time with your sweetheart! Make time together a priority. Be creative! Be yourself! Have fun! And then hand that off to a coordinator that can put your personality and charm into action. Your coordinator will have your back! Trust your coordinator, your loved ones, and those taking care of you on your big day and have some fun! Enjoy this day. Dance, eat cake, laugh with family, catch up with friends and hold your spouse close. Every part of this day is for you two.”— Rosalynn

Debbie at Ruby Red Shoes Weddings & Events emphasizes how having someone there for you every step of the way means you and your guests will enjoy a lovely and special wedding day.

“Having a professional who is organized, reliable, calm, and passionate about your wedding details and designs means a day that could be hectic and frenzied is actually relaxing, enjoyable, and worry-free. You can be an honored guest at your own wedding! You will not have to worry about a thing!”— Debbie

Your wedding planner knows the best time to do this!  Photo by Alex J Everett

Your wedding planner knows the best time to do this! Photo by Alex J Everett

Here are a few other reasons to hire a coordinator:

1. Your time is valuable!

You’re working, you’re in school, you’re living life with family and friends...adding in the full-time job of wedding planning is just one more thing--ok, a million more things! Decide the things you want to spend time on planning your wedding, or just free up your time to enjoy it all and pay someone to do the nitty gritty.

2. Budget!

Yep, planners cost money. And wedding spending can get seriously out of control. A planner can help stop the spigot. Obviously you have to pay her, but over and over I hear...’It was worth it!’ They know vendors, they know how to save money...and they are saving you time. Do what you are good at to make money and pay her to do what she is good at.

A perfect end to a perfect day!  Photo by RC Media

A perfect end to a perfect day! Photo by RC Media

3. Problem Solving

Are family members trying to make the wedding their own? Planners can be a great buffer between you and them and they will fight for your vision all day long. They are there to solve any problems, making the day stress-free as possible! (You’re still going to feel butterflies, excitement, and nervousness, but not planning stress!)

4. Save your Brain!

There are so many details leading up to and on a wedding day! What do you want your brain full of? Probably not your schedule, your vendors, things you’ve maybe forgotten, or if you’re following the rules of the contracts you’ve signed. HARD PASS!

Laugh with your friends! Talk with your out-of-town guests, hug your family, get pampered! Drink a cocktail and enjoy the entire day. It’s amazing and goes by in an instant, so enjoy it!

Happy, calm, and ENJOYING HER AMAZING WEDDING DAY!  Photo by Ink & Grain

Happy, calm, and ENJOYING HER AMAZING WEDDING DAY! Photo by Ink & Grain

So, follow along the next weeks as I introduce you to some amazing planners. Consider meeting up with a few of them before you decide who to hire--it’s great to have someone you click with!

Having someone by your side, helping you plan and bringing your wedding vision to reality is one of the best wedding decisions you’ll make. Skip the stress, get some help, and enjoy the experience of getting married!

A Fantastic Florist - Meet Katrina from Love Blooms

Katrina from Love Blooms creates amazing floral for your wedding!  Photo by Rebecca Anne Photography (This pic is not at Events on 6th)

Katrina from Love Blooms creates amazing floral for your wedding! Photo by Rebecca Anne Photography (This pic is not at Events on 6th)

Welcome to this continuing series where you get to meet many wonderful vendors who will help you enjoy the entire experience of getting married! Planning a wedding can be pretty overwhelming, so finding ways to stay sane is pretty important, right?

One great way is to choose vendors from your venue’s preferred or suggested vendor list. Here at Events on 6th, I get to see so many vendors in action; why not choose someone I know will do a great job for you? Reduce your choices, reduce the overwhelm, and have a wonderful wedding!

How stunning is this!?  Photo by Rebecca Jane Photography (This pic is not at Events on 6th)

How stunning is this!? Photo by Rebecca Jane Photography (This pic is not at Events on 6th)

Today, I’m sharing my interview with Katrina, owner and superwoman of Love Blooms. Katrina offers the convenience of many vendors within one company; she can virtually do it all! You can choose to hire her for everything or just one thing; whatever works best for you!

While she does offer event design, coordination and planning, chalkboard art and décor rentals, and set up and tear down, today I’m focusing on her custom floral work. If you want amazing flowers, check out Katrina at Love Blooms!

Lesley: How do you view a couple’s wedding day?
Katrina: My couple’s wedding day is so important, so I take every action to make them know it’s important to me as well. I want them to look back and think nothing but good thoughts about their wedding and have nothing but great memories.

What do you enjoy about your work?
I get to design and make flower art every day. What’s not to enjoy about that?!

What a gorgeous wedding! Don’t you love how all the flowers and colors work with the couple’s southwest theme?
Photos by Kelli Hodges Photography. Floral by Love Blooms.


Lesley: How does the process work...what happens when a couple decides to meet you?
Katrina: We sit down (typically at a coffee shop) and chat about their vision. I then create a quote for them to review. The cool thing is if they decide to book with Love Blooms they can change anything on that quote up to 3 weeks before their wedding so they have time to make sure it is exactly what they want.

How do you work with them to get their floral vision to reality?
I sit with my clients and listen to their wants. Most have pictures of flower arrangements they like so I help design that desired look taking into consideration their budget and availability of flowers. I also have a ton of fun rentals so I can complete the look right down to the table number!

What’s your creative process?
Pinterest has become my go to. It allows me to get into the mind of my clients. I love figuring out what they want and how I can make it happen for them while being in budget. It’s part of my problem-solving mindset!

A beautiful summer wedding! Photos by Kelli Hodges Photography. Floral by Love Blooms.


Lesley: How did you start doing floral?
Katrina: I had a client I was coordinating for who asked me to help do her floral. She didn’t have any money in her budget for a florist and asked me to do her a favor. I had no idea what I was doing and stumbled every single second of putting her flowers together but I had a blast doing it. Everything turned out beautifully and she was so happy.

What is your proudest floral moment?
My first large wedding setup with a seating area, full floral ceremony setup and a gorgeous reception site transformation. I couldn’t help but stand back and say “I did this, this is my work” as I looked at the venue in awe.

What’s your favorite style?
I love organic arrangements. Lots of greenery and texture!

An elegant wedding with green and white! Photos by Randy DeMoss. Floral by Love Blooms.


Lesley: What do you love about doing floral at Events on 6th?
Katrina: I love that no matter the weather it won’t affect the aesthetics of the wedding. It is already so beautiful, so the flowers and décor just enhance the beauty.

What is your favorite floral you’ve designed at Events on 6th?
I love that Events on 6th has the ability to do hanging installations as not all venues do. We did hanging greenery wreaths in the reception hall for a New Year’s Eve wedding, and they looked incredible.

Amazing hanging floral wreaths! Photo by Lesley at Events on 6th (sorry, wish I had a better one!!) Floral by Love Blooms.


Lesley: What other things make you unique among florists?
Katrina: I am different from other florists because of my all inclusive options. We can coordinate your wedding, provide floral, or just décor rentals. We offer the ability for clients to pick up the flowers at our studio anytime, or we can setup and deliver everything on the order. Also, we do not have a minimum so we can accommodate any order for our clients. Big or small!

What other fun stuff is going on with you? What keeps you excited about life?
I have two children that keep me busy! A 7 year old son and 1 year old daughter. I have also been married for 10 years, and he keeps me on my toes! I like to do multiple things at once and keep this mind busy, which as a mom, wife, and business owner is essential! I thrive in chaos, although I don’t go looking for it! :)
I do love problem solving, so I do a lot of sudoku puzzles!

Expansive and wild to simple and classic—there’s no minimum, so you get what you want! Photos by Justin Patton. Floral by Love Blooms.


Finally, a few more quick questions!

Favorite color? Coral

Favorite flower(s)? Anemone, ranunculus, and peonies!

Most unfavorite flower? Dusty miller!!! It looks so pretty but it wilts sooo fast!

Favorite floral-related tip for wedding couples?
To not get stuck on a certain shade of one particular color. Flowers are a natural product so they differ from week to week.

A few more photos of Katrina’s work that Lesley took, so, the photos are ok, but the flowers are amazing!


Thanks so much, Katrina! It was so fun to get to know you, learn about your creative process, and see all the fabulous flowers!

Love what you see? Check out the Love Blooms Instagram for more beautiful inspiration, the website for more info, or just give Katrina a call! She loves making your wedding day at Events on 6th special and amazing, and is happy to offer you a 10% discount for your wedding here!

Katrina Allen - Award winning wedding planner and florist

Love Blooms Wedding and Event Design


Instagram: @lovebloomsweddings


Interested in a wedding at Events on 6th? Come on in for a tour!

Reduce Your Choices, Reduce Your Overwhelm! (or One Simple Way to Keep Your Brain Sane While Wedding Planning)

A perfect setting (unless you like something else…)   Photo by Ink And Grain

A perfect setting (unless you like something else…)
Photo by Ink And Grain

Congratulations!! You’re engaged, you’re ecstatic, and it’s all pretty awesome right now!
The ring, the happy friends and family, the sweet love-of-your’re on cloud 9! does something so fun and amazing become so stressful?
Planning a wedding is super fun, but it can be like a full-time job, right?
And while you’re loving all things wedding right now, it can get pretty overwhelming.

So. Done. With. Planning.  Photo By Jessica Uhler

So. Done. With. Planning. Photo By Jessica Uhler

That’s where a preferred vendor list can really come in handy. Your venue probably has one, and it’s a great way to reduce some stress. Events on 6th has a preferred caterer list, a preferred florist, and then many suggestions for your other vendors like coordinators/planners, DJs, photographers, and musicians.

I know, you’re thinking, but Lesley, I want to see all the things and weigh all my options...
I want my day to be PERFECT, and I don’t want to miss out on anything!

This aisle at the store brings me to my knees. I just want some toothpaste.

This aisle at the store brings me to my knees. I just want some toothpaste.

Yes...I get it, but wading through so many things and having to make so many decisions will wear you down and for some couples, the planning just becomes too much and what’s supposed to be exciting and happy becomes a chore.

Giving yourself some limits, like choosing from a preferred list of vendors can really help reduce the stress. You only have so much brain space; save it for the fun stuff!

So calm, so relaxed…clearly they chose from the preferred list!  Photo by Something Minted Photography

So calm, so relaxed…clearly they chose from the preferred list!
Photo by Something Minted Photography

There is a difference between a preferred list and a required vendor list. Some venues require you use a certain caterer and only that caterer, and some offer a choice between a few.

A preferred list will have flexibility, so you’d be able to choose a vendor not on the list, likely for an additional fee. So if you’re really feeling the desire to search far and wide for the best photographer ever, you can still do that! Focus on the things you really really want perfection in. :)

Venues offer preferred lists because they want your wedding day to be amazing. They see wedding after wedding, and they see which vendors are great at what they do. They aren’t going to recommend someone who’s going to do a bad job. Let your venue do some vetting for you!

So, reduce your choices, reduce your overwhelm and get back to fun and happy and over-the-moon!

No more decisions and over-the-moon!  Photo by Mayfield Photo and Film

No more decisions and over-the-moon!
Photo by Mayfield Photo and Film

Stay tuned for a series of interviews, where you can learn more about the fantastic Events on 6th vendors. Reduce all the choices you have to make and consider the vendors on our preferred list!

First will be our preferred Florist, Katrina at Love Blooms. You’ll learn about her and her mad skills, and later, I’ll help you meet several wonderful planners/coordinators.

Interested in a wedding at Events on 6th? Come on in for a tour!

Photo by Something Minted Photography

Photo by Something Minted Photography

A Golden July Wedding

This beautiful summer wedding was such a happy day! All photos by  Marcela Pulido Photography

This beautiful summer wedding was such a happy day! All photos by Marcela Pulido Photography

Summer in the Pacific Northwest is a beautiful thing and a summer wedding in Western Washington can be perfect in every way! This gorgeous, golden wedding in July at Events on 6th was no exception. See all the lovely photos in the following galleries for the whole picture of this glorious day!

The couple got ready in the dressing rooms on-site, excited in their anticipation of seeing each other for the first time in all their wedding finery. Meanwhile, the finishing touches were put out around the building.

Seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day is so emotional! This couple chose the beautiful main entry for their first look, and the stone walls and wood doors give the space a lovely, timeless feel that goes well with his classic tux and her stunning dress. Just look at their happy faces!

Getting married in a church can be a special, intimate day of your life, no matter how many people are there to witness your vows. I love the quiet moment they gave themselves during the ceremony, and adore their joyful looks coming back up the aisle. The chapel stage is also perfect for family photos after the ceremony!

After the ceremony, you and your guests can mingle in the lounge and garden courtyard. The garden is a beautiful space for cocktails and conversation, and gorgeous for wedding portraits. It’s also a picture-perfect spot to sign your marriage license!

Enjoy your celebration in the reception hall! Your guests will love the space and the party lights make it festive and fun. Dance the night away! I love how this happy couple sat near the beautiful cake table for the toasts — check out that original, stunning cake!

Photos outside this gorgeous building are amazing as well, especially during summer’s golden hour. Ah, if summer could never end….

All photos courtesy of Marcela Pulido Photography

Interested in a summer wedding at Events on 6th? Come on in for a tour!

Just want to learn a bit more about the venue? Head on over to the main page to find out more information and to watch the video!

Yes! Friday is a Great Day for a Wedding!

Think Saturday is the best day for a wedding? Think again! -Photo by Kelly Ann Photography

Many couples automatically think Saturday for their wedding day, but there are reasons to consider Friday.

1. Extra honeymoon day!

If you’re planning on a week-long vacation, a Friday wedding gives you an extra weekend day of honeymoon. You can either head off right away and extend your vacation in your favorite honeymoon spot, or save a day or two on either end of your trip to relax at home and enjoy the memories of your wedding day.

Extra honeymoon time. Need we say more? -Photo by Marcela Pulido

2. Extra family time!

Any out of town guests and family can spend some extra time together the rest of the weekend, and if you want, you can join them! You can turn it into a family reunion with a Saturday of fun places to go and a Sunday brunch before everyone flies back home. Show off the great PNW to your family and friends, or let them have a little vacation time on their own.

3. Save some cash!

Events on 6th is $500 cheaper on a Friday. I’m sure you can figure out what to do with that extra money. Like food. Or cake. :)

Save money on your venue and spring for an awesome cake! -Photo by Marcela Pulido

4. Snag some popular vendors!

This might not work for your favorite photographer, as they may save a whole weekend per wedding, but your dream caterer or DJ may have more availability on a Friday.

5. Banks are open on Saturday!

So you’ve gotten a nice box of cards with checks and you’re about to go on your honeymoon, but cash is sparse because you just tipped all your vendors. If you wed on Friday, you can hit the bank on Saturday before you head off! Win!

Being able to cash all those checks right away is a reason to party on Friday!
-Photo by Lavender Bouquet Photography

6. At Events on 6th, Fridays are more flexible.

You can choose your length; anywhere from 6 hours to 10 hours or more for the day of your wedding. Ten hours of time is a great length and gives you plenty of time to decorate, get ready, take all the photos, get married, and celebrate!

Smaller groups or parties with no alcohol may do well with fewer hours. Or maybe you know you’re getting completely ready at a hotel and will do first look photos at a park before coming to the venue. Or perhaps you aren’t big dancers and just want a relaxing evening catching up with out-of-town guests. You just won’t need as much time. You can also have a shorter day and then head out with your closest friends to an after-party at a local bar.

Fridays are flexible! Want to customize? I’m happy to chat with you about your dream wedding day!

Games are a fun way to celebrate with family and friends! -Photo by See Yourself Photography

“If you are looking for a beautiful church Events on 6th is the perfect place to have your wedding! My favorite part was the whole wedding took place in ONE place! It was convenient for everyone! The venue doesn’t need much; it’s so beautiful on its own!

Lesley is amazing she goes above and beyond! She will do her best to make sure you have the wedding of your dreams at her venue! I am so glad we chose to work with Lesley; everything turned out perfect for our big day!! And the venue is just beautiful and perfect!”

— Brielle & Reilley • August 2018 (Friday)

Find out more about Events on 6th by perusing some photos, or check out the video on the main page. Enjoy!

Great wedding dates for 2019 and 2020

Is this your perfect wedding date?

Is this your perfect wedding date?

Are you planning to get married on your perfect wedding date?

Maybe it’s the anniversary date of your engagement or when you said “I love you”. Maybe it’s a cherished family wedding date or a set of numbers that is meaningful to you.

No matter what, choosing a wedding date can be fun and meaningful, and of course, it’ll be the date of your anniversary celebrations for the rest of your life! So fun!

So happy to have found the perfect date!  Photo by Lifebox Studio

So happy to have found the perfect date! Photo by Lifebox Studio

Sometimes you choose based on your dream venue and what they have available. If you are in love with a specific venue and must marry there, then the date may be a secondary choice.

Perhaps there is a season you love! Each season or month will have pros and cons depending on where you are. You may dream of spring flowers or fall leaves for your wedding photos! Or maybe you’d like to have a sunny honeymoon destination to look forward to in the middle of winter for all your future anniversaries! That sounds good to me!

Choosing by season! Left to Right: Spring photo by Sam Amburgey, Summer by RP Imagery, Fall by Photos by Angie and Paul, Winter by LifeBox Studio

Sometimes you need to look at when friends and relatives can be in town for your big event, or you just know you want to incorporate a holiday like NYE or the 4th of July. Perhaps money is a concern and off-season rates and less popular days of the week are desired.

Choosing memorable dates with great numbers is also fun, and may help with remembering the date in the future.

Let’s look at some great dates for 2019 and 2020! I’m only going to look at Fridays and Saturdays, because that’s what is available at Events on 6th!

Great dates at Events on 6th in 2019:

Working with the 19 in 2019, anything with 9 in it:
3-9-19, 6-29-19, 7-19-19, 8-9-19, 10-19-19, and 11-9-19

Sequential numbers:
5-18-19, 10-18-19

Prime numbers:
3-23-19, 3-29-19, 5-3-19, 5-11-19, 5-17-19, 5-31-19, 7-5-19, 7-19-19, 11-23-19, 11-29-19

Sometimes the numbers within a month are fun:
2-22, 3-2, 3-9, 3-23, 3-30, 4-5, 5-10, 6-7, 7-6, 8-9, 8-16, 12-13 (also a Friday the 13th date!)

Great dates at Events on 6th in 2020:

Working with the 20 in 2020, anything with 20 in it:
3-20-20, 6-20-20, 11-20-20

Dates with 10s are fun too:
1-10-20, 4-10-20 (not available), 7-10-20 (not available), and the big one: 10-10-20 (sorry, also not available)

Sequential numbers:
2-21-20, 3-21-20, 6-19-20, 8-21-20, 9-19-20, 11-21-20, 12-19-20

Just lots of 2s:

Other great 2020 dates:
Valentines Day 2-14-20, Leap Year Day 2-29-20 (both in February, so $500 off regular price!)

Numbers within a month:
1-11-20, 2-22-20, 4-4-20, 5-15-20, 6-6-20, 6-12-20, 7-17-20, 8-8-20, 9-19-20, 10-30-20, 12-12-20

Not Events on 6th! This is my wedding in Michigan almost 21 years ago on June 6!

Not Events on 6th! This is my wedding in Michigan almost 21 years ago on June 6!

Of course, you can look for other fun combos like all evens or all odds; whatever makes you smile when you think about your wedding day. Oh, and don’t worry about a date that has infamous connotations. My husband and I ended up marrying on June 6th, a lovely 6-6 combination, but also D-Day. We joke about it and still love our wedding date!

Even if you just randomly pick a date with no meaning, it immediately becomes extremely special to you and as soon as you are married, it will be filled with fantastic memories you can draw on for years to come!

Is your favorite date available at Events on 6th? Check it out here!

Click to see if your date is available!

Click to see if your date is available!

What is Dressember, and Why is it at my Wedding Venue??

I hear you, you’ve been watching my Instagram Stories and it’s been all skirts and dresses and they’re definitely not wedding related! What is going on? Well, let me tell you!

Dressember is an international campaign to aid the fight against sex trafficking and slavery. Every year, thousands of advocates around the world take on the creative challenge of wearing a dress or tie during the 31 days of December, all to start conversations about, increase awareness of, and raise money for the cause. Dresses plus December equals Dressember!

Dressember Help Quote.jpg

Where does the money go?

When you donate to Dressember, you are giving to strategic anti-trafficking grants that provide their partners with the funds to rescue, protect, and restore the lives of trafficking victims across the world. Funds raised through Dressember provide the means to create and build victim relief programs that make a lasting impact. There are details at

Why is Events on 6th participating?

In mid-November, Dressember interviewed me (Lesley, the venue manager) as part of a planned blog feature; they were focusing on why various advocates wanted to join Dressember. They ended up not using it, so I wanted to give you the scoop! Here’s the interview:

You mentioned in your fundraising biography that you heard about Dressember from a friend. You also mentioned that you don’t often wear dresses except to dress up. Can you give more detail as to what inspired and motivated you to join Dressember this year?

It was so many little things all finally coming together; eventually the timing was perfect!

A friend at church did Dressember in 2015; I donated something and thought how tough it would be to wear a dress every day. Another friend wore a bracelet that had something to do with fighting slavery, but I never looked into it more. I run a wedding venue and nearby are two wedding dress shops that support charities, with one specifically supporting the fight against sex trafficking. All those things were on my radar.

Photo by Jessie Hart Photography

Meanwhile at work I get to see people on their happiest day, but also homeless people hanging out around the building, and I just don’t know the best way to handle that. Just giving people cheese sticks and making them leave doesn’t solve anything; I’m always wondering what sort of program I’d put in place to solve it all.

Yes, this will be all cleaned up for your wedding!

Yes, this will be all cleaned up for your wedding!

This year was also my 20th wedding anniversary, so I’m busy thinking about big picture things in life! Then I saw my Dressember friend wearing a dress again and thought to look at the website to check it out. It turned out to be a few days before the October opening registration and signing up felt like the right thing to do. I was impressed with how organized it all looked, and how Dressember is taking on the fundraising for the various groups so they can focus on what they do best. It just fit with everything I’d been thinking about!

Wedding Anniversary Photo Shoot! It was so fun! Photo by Lavender Bouquet Photography

I’d love to also hear more background as to why you decided to “start” Dressember earlier by doing your own ‘Skirtvember’! What do you think will be the biggest challenge for you as you participate in two months of only skirts and dresses?

I know my first challenging thought was ‘ugh, how am I going to wear a dress every day?’ I have a few that I love for parties and big dress up events, but the everyday dresses I just never pull out to wear because I struggle with styling them. Summer dresses are ok, because I can just put on the dress and I’m done, but winter rainy season means I have to figure out jackets, and tights, and shoes....Hello, Pacific Northwest winter!

Skirts seemed like they’d be easier, and as I went through my closet looking for dresses there were more and more skirts. I kept wishing I could just wear those....and it dinged that why not, I could!


What will you do to keep yourself motivated to wear skirts and dresses throughout November and December?

So far it has been fun to go through my closet and force myself to wear things I never seem to wear. In November, I made more than one outfit from each skirt, and the challenge of that helped. I like the idea of reducing consumption by using what I have...while I love supporting the creative people who design clothes, I think I should also use the things I choose before buying more.

My sisters are more stylish than I and are usually dressed up and pulled together, so I look to them for inspiration. I’ve had fun knowing they are checking in on my outfits everyday and we do phone each other or message to talk about clothes and other things so that’s fun.

Sisters are great for style inspiration!

Also, my grandma who lived to 96 always wore dresses and skirts and I like to think about her as I am doing this. My grandma passed down a love of thrifting clothes to my mom and my sisters and me; she was so great about finding deals and enjoying her clothes! While I don’t mind spending money on really beautiful, well-made things, I like to follow her lead to reduce and reuse clothing through thrifting. My closet is mostly thrift, consignment, ThredUp, or sisterly cast-offs.

My Grandma, always in a dress or a skirt! Photo by Amy DeYoung

Why is being an advocate important to you?

Even though so far it’s been mostly fun, I know it’s more than the dress (or skirt). There are people with no choices about their lives, so even though I have the luxury of self-imposing this restriction, each day I have to wear the skirt, each day I have to wear the dress, I can feel a little closer to that person. I know I can never imagine what they are going through, but I hope that when they are freed, they would be happy people are fighting for them even in a fun way.

The homeless people around my building are struggling and vulnerable, and the teenagers are more likely to be drawn into an even worse situation. I like analyzing problems and figuring out the big systems that will fix them and I think Dressember has figured out a great way to partner with groups working to solve big problems and I’m excited to be a part of it.

You can do anything in a dress! Wearing a dress doesn’t mean you’re weak!

Want to donate $20? I’d love your support to reach my goal of $1000!

Thank you so much! And don’t worry, it’s all weddings all the time coming soon! :)

Want to poke around more on this site? Check out the main page which has a beautiful video of the venue, or just more photos. Enjoy!

How to Pin on a Boutonnière

Fortunately, pinning on a boutonnière is much easier than spelling boutonnière!  Which is I suppose why so many people just shorten it to 'bout'.

Recently Rica from Love Blooms Wedding and Event Design showed me just how easy it is to pin on a boutonnière.

I took lots of photos and a video to share her skills with you, but since 'someone' (ahem) held her finger over the camera microphone while shooting, 'someone' needs to add captioning to the video.  For now, you can check out the helpful photos!

That's it!  Use two pins one at a time, and go through the back of the lapel into the flower stem and back through the lapel. 



Where to put the bar?

Yes, you   can   get married at a church   and   have alcohol!

Yes, you can get married at a church and have alcohol!

Are you trying to figure out where to put your bar at Events on 6th?  There are many options, so you'll be able to put it right where it's best for you and your party.

Most couples put the bar in the lounge, but even there, there are several options.  The smallest groups or parties with only a few drink choices can use the kitchenette, which has a cute Dutch door.  Medium-sized parties, or parties serving just a few drinks can get away with a one-table bar over by the garden or by the Fife Street entry.  The largest groups, with the most drink options should have a two-table bar, and that goes well by the garden, under the mirror.  Check out the photos!

The bar also works well in the garden courtyard, perfect during the warmer months.

If you have a smaller party and can fit the bar in the reception hall, there are a couple of options there as well, either by the kitchen or by the garden.

I hope that helps you decide where to put your bar at Events on 6th! 

Some things to think about are how many guests you are having and the number of drinks you'll be serving.  It also helps to know if you are planning plastic cups or real glassware.  Talk to your caterer/bartender about what they will need so we can have the proper number of tables and space for them! 

You can also decide if you want to rent a bar, rent a table bar add-on piece which basically adds a tall shelf to a regular table, or if you want table risers to make the table taller.  If you're having kegs, you'll need space for those, and don't forget ice!  You'll need ice for the kegs, ice in coolers/buckets for sodas and water, and ice in a container for putting into drinks.  Talk to your bartender about who will provide those items.  Don't forget: Events on 6th does not have an icemaker or freezer. 

Lastly, don't forget the linens, bottle openers, and wine keys! 

Working through all these decisions means your bar will be in the perfect place for you and your guests, and the flow of your party will be spot on.

Friday! Friday! Friday!

Celebrate!  Friday weddings are here!  Photo by Lloyd Photographers

Celebrate!  Friday weddings are here!  Photo by Lloyd Photographers

Hooray!  A new wedding day package is now available at Events on 6th: FRIDAY!

Yes, you can now get married on a Friday night at Events on 6th!  Packages begin at 8 hours, starting at 1pm or later, and can go until midnight.  Additional hours can be purchased.

Get married in the early evening, party for awhile, and then head out for a fantastic after party, or stay late at Events on 6th.  Your choice!

See information in the Wedding Packages section on the website, or call/email for details.

Winter Building Updates

Every February and March at Events on 6th is spring cleaning and building update time.  Exciting, right!?  The owner and I walk through the building and talk about any maintenance issues, decide which big updates to do, and then we get to work!

Last year we took down the balcony stained glass and had that repaired and renovated, and it still looks amazing.  This year we did some painting throughout the building, updated the counter tops in the ladies' bathroom, installed some more hooks in the reception hall ceiling, and more!  Peruse the photo gallery to see all the new changes!

We love making the building look amazing for you!

How Many Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Should You Have?

Recently a bride asked me if seven attendants would work at Events on 6th.  Of course, you can have as many bridesmaids and groomsmen as you'd like, but I'm sure what she meant was, "Will seven bridesmaids and seven groomsmen plus the pastor and us fit on the stage?"  Well, I looked through some recent wedding photos to see how couples have arranged their wedding party, and here are quite a few options!

There are so many great ideas!  Whether you're having a couple of your best friends, a few of your siblings, or a large, happy group, you'll figure out the best way to arrange them on stage.  They can be on the stage, on the floor below the stage, and up on the back stage steps.  They can match the angle of the stage, angle the other way, or stand in a straight line.  Fortunately, at Events on 6th, you get a two-hour rehearsal, so there is plenty of time to figure out your favorite look.

How many attendants are you planning?  I'm sure they will look great at Events on 6th.

All the Light You Cannot See

If it's a beautiful sunny Pacific Northwest day, you can get all sorts of beautiful outdoor wedding photos!  Recently on the blog, I've highlighted a few nearby parks and shown off the beautiful shots just outside Events on 6th...but what if you want to stay inside?  What if it's raining?

Fortunately, Events on 6th has many windows, which means there's tons of natural daylight for those fantastic photos.  You and your photographer will love it! 

Take a look at these photos in the chapel, balcony, and entry area:

The courtyard in the middle of the building is great to use on sunny, warm days, but even if you can't go outside, all those windows allow the light to flood in!  I love how these photographers used the spaces around the courtyard for great photos!

There's great light in other areas of the building as well.  From the dressing rooms to the reception hall, natural light abounds.

Beautiful!  Events on 6th is a beautiful building for fantastic photos, rain or shine.  And if it's still the darkest day...there's always the fireplace.

Photo by Jessie Hart Photography

Just Outside the Front Door

Outdoor wedding photos are so wonderful!  The light and location can make your portraits simply gorgeous, while capturing the background features of your special day.

At Events on 6th, while there are several nearby parks fantastic for photos, you need not step beyond the front door to get those pretty pictures. 

Just take a look at these great outdoor photos, right outside Events on 6th.

The Front Steps are great for a stunning portrait, large groups, and that fantastic dip and kiss:

The Alcove is also great for portraits and groups:

Of course, just in front of the building, either side, makes a great outdoor photo location!

Lastly, don't forget the classic shot beside the reader board.  So fun!

While you can head off to a park for beautiful outdoor wedding day photos, at Events on 6th those great photos are just a step away.  What a beautiful building!

Great Outdoor Photos

You're sure to get beautiful wedding day photos at Events on 6th; the building is amazing, and there is ample natural light.  We in Western Washington all know how unpredictable the weather can be, so choosing a beautiful indoor venue is a safe option.  But what about those lovely outdoor photos you're craving?  Fortunately, here in Tacoma, you have several great options, each with its own distinct look and feel.

Some great options for outdoor photos near Events on 6th. 
Photos by (clockwise from TL): Jessica Uhler Photography, Van Whye Photography, Lavender Bouquet Photography, See Yourself Photography

Nearby parks include North Tacoma's Point Defiance Park with its pond, rose garden, rhododendron garden and old-growth forest, and Downtown Tacoma's Wright Park with its pond, sculptures, manicured flowers and shrubs, and beautiful conservatory filled with exotic plants.

Point Defiance:

Wright Park:

If you're looking for a more urban feel, head to Downtown Tacoma, with its cool and interesting buildings, or just walk around the neighborhood of Events on 6th.  There are so many options!

Downtown Tacoma:

The Events on 6th Neighborhood:

So don't worry about the weather; if it's rainy, you'll have beautiful photos inside, but if it's sunny...oh, if it's sunny, you can get such beautiful outdoor photos!

Which park or downtown look is your favorite?

Tarah & Logan: A beautiful spring wedding full of fun and games

What a beautiful and thoughtful wedding day!  Tarah and Logan married June 12th, 2016, and the day was full of special details and memorable moments.  I love how they really thought about who they are as a couple and also how their guests would want to celebrate.

See all the great photos and read the fun details on the blog!

Tarah used Etsy for many of the beautiful details, but most of the decorations were designed and created by her and her mom.  Don't you love the paper chandeliers and colorful 'spot' backdrops? Her parents made three giant wood games: Jenga, Connect 4, and Ker Plunk, and the couple put out a variety of table games for guests to play.  Tarah said, "We know most of our friends aren't the dancing type, and neither are we, so we just wanted people to relax, eat, drink, and play!"

It was a really lovely day!

What a great idea!  Games at the wedding reception!

That Mid-Century Modern Look

Couples marrying at Events on 6th can choose from so many styles to use as a theme for decorating, but one that makes a lot of sense is mid-century modern.  The lounge definitely has that look and feel, with the low-slung white leather couches, the cozy fire, and rich, brown cement floor.  Can't you just imagine your guests mingling here, drinks in hand, perfect music in the background?

The great mid-century modern lounge at Events on 6th

Of course, you can search Pinterest for ideas, but Mandy Brown of New Creations Wedding Design and Coordination has already done the work for you.  She recently moved to Tacoma and found so many beautiful wedding venues, she wrote a post for showcasing her favorites. 

Events on 6th is featured, with Mandy noting that it's perfect for couples who want to spend their whole wedding day in one location, but still want to marry in a church.  Of course, Events on 6th has a beautiful chapel for your ceremony, the cozy lounge for a social hour, the fun reception hall for your party, and the perfect dressing rooms for your wedding party.

Mandy even created a design theme, riffing off that mid-century modern lounge, and perfect for a great wedding and celebration at Events on 6th.  She calls it "Mid-Mod" and check out how fun it is!

Yes, Events on 6th is a great Tacoma venue!  Come check it out and consider this fun mid-century modern look for your decorating theme.

A Warm Winter Wedding

Melody and Andrew were married in a lovely ceremony at Events on 6th on Saturday, December 19th, 2015.  Read their story and see their beautiful photos over on the Real Weddings page!

The weather was good enough they could get some beautiful photos at Point Defiance Park; of course, the weather inside Events on 6th was great too! 

Guest Post - Final Plans for Ben & Kimmy's New Year's Eve Bash

What a wonderful idea: a New Year's Eve wedding! 

Several months ago, Ben wrote about his proposal to the 'love of his life' Kimmy, and how they decided on a New Year's Eve wedding at Events on 6th.

Here is Ben's update on how all the plans are going!

We are on a 30 day count down to the wedding and things are shaping up.  We have finalized our catering with Gallucci’s catering.  Their staff have been amazingly flexible and have accommodated all of our wishes and changes. 
Flowers, drinks, wedding attire, hotel rooms, and seating arrangements have also been finalized in the last week.  We are excited that many of our guests will be joining us at Hotel Murano after the wedding is over. 
We only have small stuff left on our “to-do list.”  Our wedding is on New Year’s Eve and the party will go into New Year's Day, so we are trying to plan fun New Year's Eve- themed activities to help ring in the New Year in the most epic way possible. 
We have gathered more decorations and party favors than we know what to do with so we are now stepping back to determine what we are really going to use and where it is going to go. 
Overall, we have 90% of the work complete and are just counting down the days until the big day.

Stay tuned for Ben's report after the big day.   

We wish him and Kimmy a beautiful, memorable, fantastic wedding!

Making the Building Prettier

As I spend more time in the building, I'm finding things that could use a little extra dose of pretty.  Here are my latest updates!

The new lights really sparkle!

Check out these new light fixtures down the bridal hallway!  The light is so much more sparkly and bright!  They look similar in style to the chandeliers in the bride's room, so I think they are perfect.  Since putting these up, I've bought more for the hallway leading to the reception hall, and they will be up soon as well.

So pretty!

Also new are the sheer curtains in the Lounge, at the Fife Street Entry.  I put these up on wedding days to make the room a little more intimate.

I love them!

I love how well they match the floors and the woodwork, and that they still let in some light.

So beautiful!

Both the lights and the curtains really help make the building even more beautiful for your wedding day.  Enjoy!